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Vision Board Mini Series – What is a Vision Board


Andrew Here,

So you have heard about a vision board, but don’t know what it is or how to use it. Well over the next coming days you’re going to know all it and more. By the end of this Vision Board Series, you’ll have created your first of many vision boards that will have a direct impact in you leading the life of your dreams.

What is a Vision Board?

We might as well be on the same page right.

A vision board is a basically a collection of images, words, anything that inspires you. All of these things you want to attract and have in your own life.  The images are the end result or outcome of what it is that you want. All of these words and images are grouped together and normally placed on a large sheet of paper.

Each day at least twice i.e when you wake up and before you go to bed, you look at all of your images. You want to see this board as often as possible.

A vision board is not a one time event. You don’t just create it and then leave it hanging ad infinitum. As you constantly look at your images, some will not ring true to you. Change them for ones that do get you excited. As your dreams start appearing, take them off your board and replace them. Some of the goals you’ll realise aren’t yours. Bin them and find your own goals!

What Can You Put On Your Vision Board?

There is no limit to what you can have in your life or put on a vision board. There is no time limit, financial limited, thing limit, location limit, colour, race or creed limit. If you desire to have it, it means on some level you can achieve it. That doesn’t mean you will.


You can have everything you put on your board. There are some caveats and often over looked steps that will be discussed in this series.

What Do I Put On My Vision Board?

Anything from any area of your life. All it as to be is the end result. What will the outcome look like to you? The images have to all mean something to you and you alone.

Think about what you would like to have in your relationships, career, personal growth, spirituality, stuff goals i.e travel and money. If it comes to your mind, put it on your board.

How Many Boards?

You can have as many boards as you want. They can be as big or as small as you want. If you don’t want others to see your board (which is often a very good thing). Do all the steps in a vision journal instead or why not create both. That way when you have 5 minutes you can always look at something inspiring.

I know of some ‘boards’, that are actually walls. Yes, that’s right, they have a vision wall. You can have vision films, vision PC wallpaper, there really is not limit except in your own imagination.

Action – Write down all your goals in all areas of your life as mentioned about and any others that come to mind. If you don’t want something. Great, that’s an excellent start. What do you want instead?

This should take you a day or so. Remember, you can always revisit it and change it. Nothing is set in stone.

Happy Travels