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Want Better Results Using The Law of Attraction? Inspired Action is Key!

Go for it! Take Inspired Action ♥

Are you using the Law of Attraction but not seeing very much action in your life? Maybe the results you want to see aren’t quite showing up…. This will help ~ read on….

Firstly answer this question…Are you taking inspired action to move towards the results you desire? Ok, ok I hear you say, law of attraction says I can just think about something and manifest it into my life. Do you believe you can do this? When it comes to the Law of Attraction is truly is all about what we Believe will work for us. Now I don’t know about you but I know this much for myself, if I aren’t moving towards the results I want to see in life and taking inspired action then nothing will change. I am certain most people will feel the same.

So your next best step is to take Inspired Action! Look at the word inspired as being in-spirit, in the universal flow of life. When you come from a place of being inspired only great things can happen. Leave behind any have to do’s, needy action or must do’s and take inspired in-spirit action. Trust me this works!

The universe will reward you for your inspired action moving towards the results you want to see in your life. As results start to appear, however small, give thanks, show gratitude and celebrate you are on the right path. Then keep going, keep taking this inspired action, I promised you the more the results happen the more inspired action you will want to take and so on and so on….

Thank you for reading ~ If you feel you would like to make a positive change in your life and spread your wings and start to fly get in touch, my door is always open, you can contact me direct via my website listed below 🙂  Have a wonderful day 🙂

Yours in service,
♥ Liz ♥

AKA Liz Green Law of Attraction Queen
Spreading the Positive Vibes Around the World & Back

Why I am always surrounded by negative feelings, even when I try to be positive OR why I attract negatives more and faster than Positives side of life?

OK, this is a million dollar question and a billion dollar answer that I can give you will be, we are subconsciously so much patterned to think negative that, we start seeing attracting things negatively even when we do not want to.

Our thought process is very much affected by the environment we live in, our peers, colleagues and surroundings. Its something that moulds our though process, our way of seeing things and situations in life.

Mass is irrational and prone to panic by reacting on small-small things which really do not matter, and this is what we learn from society. And unconsciously it all becomes too subconscious that we start attracting the same, even when we are not aware of it and we do not want it.

We are patterned gradually for negative thoughts.

Oh! what is the solution?

Well, this is where understanding the beauty of “Consciousness” Comes into play.

Oh Boy, now what is Consciousness?

J Well, awareness is consciousness. When we are aware of what we think, what we observe, what we attract.