Dr Quantum – Double Slit Experiment

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  1. I doubt that the recently called “law of attraction” would meet the outcries of a better life for those who are held down by physical constraints or administrative borders… the case of those who are coersively confined to, say, the west bank;
    A human rights advocate innocently awaiting in the death row for his time…;
    An orphan child making his/her way through life by laboring precariously…
    This to say that i am not totally skeptical to this phenomenon. I’ve even tried it out a few times in a few minor day-to-day situations and felt impressed by the apparent effectiveness of it’s workings, however when i think twice about it it seems to be depending on one’s physical confinement… what can tell me about this?

  2. Hi Joao,

    I understand what you are trying to say that one’s physical confinement has a lot to do with LOA not manifestings things, however, from your 2 examples above about a human rights activist on death row, all I can say is that if that person strongly believes that he may be acquitted or pardoned or strongly believe that he/she would atleast have the sentence reduved may be to life then it may work but the person in that situation is psychologically so distressed that thinking about LOA would the last thing he/she would do assuming that person knows about LOA. Your 2nd example about the unfortunate situation of an orphan child depicts the similar explanation I have given above, ie that child is more concerned/thinking about feeding himself and his family/siblings and also you dont expect that child to know more about LOA, when the child grows to an adult and if he consults LOA then he may practice LOA and for sure his life would take a turn for better. LEt me give you a simple example, if you want to become a medical doctor, you can employ LOA to become a doctor unless you study at university to become a doctor so with LOA it has some logical exceptions. I have recently started using LOA all the time and small things materialize for me. Hope this clarifies matters

  3. I would Like to add to Bhuvesh’s comment. The situation of west bank in this case is attracting more negative events to occur because of the majority of distressed and oppressed people thinking of disasters and more bad things 24×7. If that one person in confinement seriously apply LOA, things will for sure change for that person alone.

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