Power Law of Attraction: How to Create Your Own Reality

Create your own Reality
Create your own Reality


“In the process of observation you choose your sub atomic possibilities which become the actual atomic experience.”

“If you do not create your reality, Your reality will create you.”


Quantum Physics has proved that if the atom is observed, it intends to change it behavior.

     1)  The all time famous Double Slit Experiment by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf has proved that if a matter is observed with a measuring device it will change its behavior. (Link watch the video).  

     2)  Dr. Emoto has proved that how do we effect even the waves in water by the frequencies that we release with our thoughts. Imagine if a thought can this to water, what can It do to you or to the worlds around you. (Link Video).

If you have not watched the Movie “what the bleep do we know” I strongly suggest you to watch it, an eye opener insightful coverage of law of attraction in action.

3) Dr. Amit Goswamin the prominent Quantum Physicist has proven that we choose an atomic experience out of the given set sub atomic possibilities.

I am sharing these experiments to show you, how law of attraction and quantum physics both are working together mystically. Even if you do not understand the nitty gritty of quantum physics, you still can avail the wonders of law of attraction at the fullest.


In my power law of attraction system I always give this example:

Think that you are a sitting in your house and hungry. You pick a Menu of McDonalds and order Pizza, and sit back relaxed enjoying the pizza even when its not delivered, just in your thoughts, because you are 100% sure of the delivery of the pizza.

Now lets use our Power law of attraction system to get what you badly want. Think of Universe as a Restaurant, this restaurant does not have a printed menu, you can make your own menu what you want and, what you want will be one of the sub atomic possibilities. To give you an example, if you want to be successful in life the possibilities are numerous for you. All you have to do is to observe your possibilities, remember all your possibilities are sub atomic possibilities like you can start a great business, you can get some life changing idea, you can invent or discover something new, you can do some wonder task. Choosing a possibility is the first step of getting it.

All you have to do is to place your order to the Restaurant named Universe with all the granular details of what you want, it will help you to get back more of what you want by rearranging things. The Universe is so generous and abundant that your attraction will be a command for it and you will get what you want, no matter what want.

Quantum physics has proved that atoms have intentions, and such intentions can be effected with the process of observation.


How to observe to create reality?

When you observe your possibility you need not to essentially think practical because if you think practical your possibilities will be affected by your past experiences or by the experiences or input from the outer world and this will limit your possibilities. To give you an example, if you want to propose a girl but something stops you because when last time you proposed a girl she dumped you or one of your friends proposed to the same girl but was dumped. If you let this effect your possibilities then you are very narrow with your possibilities. As most of us do.

When we observe our past events or the input from outside become the guiding force to observe our possibility and limits it. You need to cut yourself from you past experience if it does not empower you and think wild. What you can think is what you can achieve. A perfect match every time. No exception.


Enjoy the delivery

You do not need to bother about how will you get what is your possibility, all you have to do is to observe it and it will be your actual atomic experience in other words It will manifest. Isn’t it amazing.

11 thoughts on “Power Law of Attraction: How to Create Your Own Reality”

  1. does it really works? or its just a wishful thinking? if its so easy to do then how come so many people of this earth are unhappy

  2. Dear Preeti,

    Thanks for your insightful question.

    What do you think about Law of Gravity? Does it work or not? Sure, it does… Likewise, Law of Attraction does work, it works as much as law of Gravity does. Both are Universal Laws.

    Law of Attraction is not a wishful thinking. A wishful thinking is ones “I-wish” attitude, which takes him/ her nowhere but in more disappointment because, its not the wish that manifests, its the Want that manifests. Be a Go-getter than to be a wishful-thinker.

    Now the most interesting question.. Then how come so many people on this earth are unhappy?
    If someone is unhappy, its because he/ she thinks the way he/ she is, they do not think what they want. Only 2% of all do enjoy all the riches of life namely good relationship, happiness, abundance, success, wealth becasue they know THE SECRET, they know “The Law of Attraction“. If they are unhappy they will attract more of sadness around, dispair. Though they do not want it, but still they attract it, they release such frequencies with their thoughts, and like Law of Attraction says, “Like attracts like”. So they get more of what they attract (i.e. Unhappiness, sadness). And this becomes a loop. Instead, you need to:
    Think what you whats
    Attract what you want
    Feel what you want
    Visualise it

    Voila! It going to Manifest.

  3. how to visualize beyond imagination right now our thinking or imagination is limited, for example; i think of becoming a millionaire , and i know if i wish it i’ll get it, i’ll get a good house , new car, new business, all is settled , but what after that what do i really need to do when i am really rich, so being rich will be a continuity.

  4. I really do believe in the Law of Attraction. But it does sometimes seem that the sellers of these tapes, cds, books and “systems” are very slippery. They say “visualize, train your mind, clear your negativity” as if one can simply clear their mind like a hard drive. Rewiring negative patterns of thinking has been something the entire psych industry has been trying to help people with for ages. Same with the various religious and spiritual communities. It is quite a bit of work to get to a place where you think differently enough to allow positive things to manifest. You don’t just think differently because you listen to a freaking tape or read yet another self help book.

    Also, there are lots of ways to blame the person for not manifesting their desires. First, the tape/book/cd seller can say they are not positive enough and have too much negative vibrations coming from their subconcious. So the person buys some subliminal stuff, meditates, and maybe even gets therapy for months or years. Still nothing. The tape/book/cd seller can then tell them that they are too desperate and focusing too much on what they want. The person is then nervous and freaked out about finding the perfect and flawless balance between wanting and visualizing enough with a pure, positive intent….and wanting too much and being desperate and over-obsessive.

    Yet, nothing happens except that the book/tape/cd seller’s bank account manifests larger and larger.

    I think this thing works. I really feel that the Law of Attraction makes perfect sense. But I wish there were someone who really knew what they were talking about and could say “Hey, I am not trying to sell you anything. I am really really rich and successful or I won a gigantic jackpot and I don’t want to sell you anything. I just want to tell you what I did.”

    That would be awesome. And so helpful.

  5. Hi Ankur,

    I just wanted to really thank you for sharing this info – I think it’s awesome! I watched The Secret last night… and it’s changed my life and really opened my eyes! It made so much sense to me!

    I understand what people are talking bout in the previous comments below. I guess one of the things I would be saying to them is to start small – just like one of the guys in The Secret was saying. He started out by wanting $100,000…. he visualised it, he even wrote the number $100,000 on a bill and stuck it to his ceiling so that when he woke in the morning, it was the first thing he saw, he lived believing it would happen. Consequently, certain things happened and yes it came to be through various means. He then went on and tried it with a million dollars – because he had built up the faith in the L.O.A.

    So, my point is…. I guess if people are so unsure about how to apply it and rid themselves of their ‘negative thoughts’, then start with something that is not so ‘out there’. Something that’s a bit smaller, but that you really want.

    I, myself, will struggle with the odd negative thought – but also remember, that ONE positive thought is hundreds of times more powerful than a negative thought. So just kick that negative thought out when it comes by, and replace it with a positive! 🙂 Hope this helps. Also, if you haven’t yet – watch The Secret. It explains a lot and will expand on what you read here 🙂

    Debs 🙂

  6. Hi everyone. I just wanted to say that I have used visualization for many years now. Recently for the first time I used it to attract the prettiest girl in my office. I could not believe the results. Our eyes would meet across the office floor every day. I mean the ‘staring into each other’s eyes for more than 5 seconds’ type of staring. Unfortunately I found out she is in a long term relationship so I left it there. Just to give another example. I always wanted to set up my own company. Recently after getting fired I did just that. In the beginning it was slow but writing my goals on cards and visualization I’m pretty much earning 4 times what I was earning while I was working for others. I choose my working hours as well. I have a younger brother and sister and they listen to me eagerly now when I talk about visualization and positive thinking. If I did not get the results I don’t think they would be so attentive.
    Anyway I want to share this last important thought with you all. Lately I have been looking at my life with a few regrets. I guess turning 35 does that to you. My regret is that I did not use visualization and LOA more when I needed it when I was young. I guess when you’re young it seems you have all the time in the world. I missed out on a few things I was desperate for. And I don’t mean material things. My point is this. Some of you maybe doubt visualization, LOA etc. That is natural. All I can say is give it a go. Try it and you will see the results. Give it a go for more than just a couple of days or weeks. Read the books, visit sites like this and anything that promotes this wonderful technique. If you don’t, one day when you’re in old age you may suddenly through some event find out that LOA does really work. May be a friend will tell you how they used it to get what they dreamed of or even you yourself may try it after all these years and realise what a fool you had been to dismiss it. But then it will pretty much be too late. Life will have passed you by and you will realise that all the dreams you had and never achieved could have been yours with this gift. The regret I have now will pale into insignificance compared to this regret. I urge you as a fellow human being to give it a go because at the very least you owe it to yourself to at least try.

  7. It works, I insist.

    Though not so easy because negative thought it easier for most people.
    People must learn to have positive focus and practice it. And start using the law.

    I am Buddhist, it really support doing positive ideal and sub conscious mind, Buddhist even say, you are what you think!

    My major impact is that I got amazing job all the time even when I didn’t have a University degree which is very rare to happened in my Country. I used Creative Visualization build a picture of my self working on the management desk. Do not pressure your self, think relax, enjoy thinking, do it when ever you feel like to and received the result in the real world. This may takes time, 1 week, 3 months, 6 month, 1 year or more.. etc, but not a big issue. Just stay enjoy everyday.

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