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How to Get Your Ex Back : The Law of Attraction Way

Get Your Ex Back

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Get your Ex back

“Get your Ex back is an Opportunity, If you Allow it”   – Ankur Sancheti

“Farther we go, closer we come”  – Ankur Sancheti

How do you see a break up? A life shattering event or as an opportunity? What? You said, an opportunity? Yes, you hear it right. Get your ex back is an opportunity for you to be one together and this time,  there will be more bondage. I see a break up when there is a mismatch into the he frequency, in other words, we say, lack of understanding causes break up or losing  your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

The biggest stopping in getting your ex is personal biases and past bad experiences and as will all know in law of attraction, what we attract we get more of it. And such biases and the past bad experiences are nothings but the obvious hurdle for you to get your ex back. In my law of attraction forum, I have members, who say they want to get their ex back because they still love their ex boyfriend or the girlfriend, but even a thought of it remained me of the bad past experience and guess what? They become like, “I want it, but at the same time, I do not want it”. In such a case, how will the mystical secret Law of Attraction will work for you?

Ok, I ask you, Give me $1 and at the same time, do not give me $1? Huh… Ankur are you crazy, how it can be done, I am confused. If you feel confused and undecided then imaging how the Universe will respond you, it will be as confused as you are.

”There is nothing like lil bit pregnant”.

You want it or you do not want it. And if you want your ex back in your life, just let go of all past bad experiences and biases. And just see the best coming out of life.

As I said earlier, break up or losing love caused by the miss-match in vibrations or frequency (understanding), which is why, I suggest that getting your ex back is an opportunity. Its all how you see at things, they can be disappointing at the same time they can be seen as an opportunity. This is what I call, “Alternate Perspective”. And it’s so wonderful. 🙂

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Ankur, but Law of Attraction violets the Personal free will, is it good? Well, trust me, law of attraction is no black magic, it’s no hypnosis either, it’s the purest of all laws, you are just asking the Unversed to give you the best way to achieve what how to get your ex back, you are in no way programming others mind or any other mambo Jumbo.

You really do not have to bother about at how bad relationship you both broke up. Remember what I just said and just affirm, “Get your ex back is an Opportunity”. So, grab it, do not let it go away. Send love and guess what? LOVE COMES BACK.

Wish you all the best to attract you ex back. Should you have any questions, do join us on our Law of attraction Forum where we have friends like you and Experts who will help you to get your ex back. And guess what, it’s all FREE. Absolutely FREE.  JOIN NOW!

Join Free Coaching on Get Your Ex Back. NOW!

7 thoughts on “How to Get Your Ex Back : The Law of Attraction Way”

  1. My ex boyfriend left me monday night..just because he was looking at a anther girl..he came to pick me up after work..we were fighting and he dumped me..he told me he doesnt want me in his life.what shall i do

  2. i have been trying really hard very hard and im fighting with my fear,past,negative thoughts and my dodut i am giving it all i want to be much clear how to attract what i want which is my ex bf back please help me i have forgiven alredy and i must have alredy visiualize billions of times as well i need help really badly desperetly please help me and thank you. now i am trying to clear myself up in my mind please help me and thnk you

  3. Some fantastic tips here. You seem to cover just about every aspect of relationship saving and building. I’ve had several “rocky” relationships over the past few years, and so I’ve come to believe it’s something to do with me. The more I try to understand why it happens, the more I realize that I’m not finding compatible partners. I should look for people with similar backgrounds and goals for the future. Thanks for all of your great information. Really learned a lot here.

  4. I heard law of attraction in Physics and I can’t believe it is helpful also in getting back a broken relationship.

    Would it be like attracting positive energy? Like, the more you think of the positive thoughts, the more it will happen? That’s cool!

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