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For those of you who get blocked by an ex...

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haha, you know what? maybe the ex's who dont block us just want us to be a part of their lives in some teeny-tiny way. You know, like keep us there and see where it goes. Because if they were in a relationship with us, it obviously means they liked something in us, and later after the break-up the way they choose to keep in contact with us is upto them-blocked or unblocked.
I guess the big picture here is that, at the end of the day, there is still SOME energy between us and we can control that energy with our thoughts (LOA) -so there is ALWAYS some hope! :)
 and angelelle, i find it so cute that he looks at your page through his dog's!! There's still hope girl but just dont read too much into it :)

I'd also like to say something. Regardless of the blocked/unblocked issue, it is more a matter of self control. First of all if she/he doesn't block you, you can be sure that they are checking out your profile, posts & photos because they still feel the need for closure and keep in touch with you, to cushion their decision, even if indirectly. Second, if they do block you, that means they still have strong feelings for you, otherwise they wouldn't care to do it. And this second situation is the one you want to be in. I'll explain it better. She broke up with me about 3 weeks ago after 4 and a half years together. I kept her as a friend on facebook but the first week was a living hell, I checked her profile dozens of times a day, and she did everything to get a reaction out of me (indecent photos, flirting with other guys etc.). So I asked around, including this forum, and decided to block her. I got to say I feel a lot better now and I'm truly able to let it go and put loa to work. As I heard, my decision affected her greatly so I understand she still cares, but at the moment it's not about her anymore, it's about me, myself & I. So my advice is, the best way to let go is to truly engage in no contact, and be honest with yourself & don't cheat. The faster you get over your ex & start working on yourself, the better the chances that you'll feel happy with your life and definitely be ready to start a new relationship, with your ex or otherwise.

I didn't join facebook until after I last spoke to my ex, but I've never sought him out on facebook for one simple reason, I know if I go looking and find something I don't want to see there is a chance I might undo all the work I've done on myself, and all the work I've and all the work I've done toward attracting a new relationship with him.  Nobody needs to do that to themselves when they are serious about being with the person they love.

Thank you for this thread and responses!

I never got around to replying to this until now, but this was exactly what I needed at the time. Funny how I thought the thread was new but it was bumped from a couple of months ago. Definitely some synchronicity at work here. Thanks, Tulip, Mrs. Smith, and thank you everyone for all the wisdom.

By the way, I was unfriended and not blocked, but it's still the same thing, right? And it was done about 2 months after the break-up, or a few weeks after we had contact in person, although the interaction wasn't exactly positive.


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