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Author Topic: If you're TOTALLY in alignment...but 'it' has not showed up in physical reality?  (Read 36998 times)

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WOW, I really like the bounce back example with LOA. Never thought of it that way  :o Yeah, a link to this article would be helpful! Thank you  :-*

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WOW, I really like the bounce back example with LOA. Never thought of it that way  :o Yeah, a link to this article would be helpful! Thank you  :-*
Even I would like to read the article :)

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I would add just one word...


It hasn't showed up, where I can see it in physical reality YET.

That means it could be right around the corner.


You are the wisdom and the power of God.  That's why it works.

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I love the addition of the word "yet". 

Imagine a 1 dimensional dot moving along a line towards a goal.  From its point of view it does not know how close it is to the goal or even what's ahead.  You can imagine that dot losing faith that it will ever reach its goal.  However, from our 3d point of view we can look down and see the entirety of the line in one go - we can see where the dot is and where its goal is.  We can console it that it's getting there.

Now look at us moving along a 4 dimensional line through time.  We all complain when our goal isn't right here, but if you move up a dimension, suddenly we can see all of the 4d line in one go.

And what would we say to console ourselves; the same as we would to the dot.  The goal IS ALREADY THERE.  All existence exists simultaneously.  You may not be able to see it or measure quantitatively how far you are from it, but you ARE moving towards it.

Suddenly, the goal not being here right this moment makes more sense.  It could be literally 1 second away.  We don't have access to those higher dimensions, just as it would be impossible for the dot to understand 3 dimensions.

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This is a Great post. Speaking of detaching... I came a cross this article and it inspired me, hope it does to all of you too!

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Hi guys,

I have been trying to manifest a relationship(marriage) with the prsn I love since a long tym but am unable to manifest any fruitful results as of now.The things have worsened to the extent that now my family which was standing besides me all the while is also against my choice.Its tuff to move on but I am trying to do it for them.But I still can't understand why am I not able to manifest this.   :(

Please provide any suggestions or help.

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FindDivineTogether: If someone really wants an ex back, if she/he truly loves him/her, it will happen. Of course, it is only after detaching and letting go.

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I really really like this topic and that video from the first post really brought me joy. I think it's really the way he talks it makes it funny to watch. Great topic!

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I love the fact I'm reminded we live in two realities, the physical reality, and the vibrational reality; not to mention our current physical reality is a mirror of our past thoughts and feelings.

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I really love this post thanks everyone for sharing  :D

I just wanted to share my experience of what Bashar talks about in the first video. He says that we have to respond differently if arent getting what we are trying to manifest. we need a new response to old circumstances. A new vibration that has certainty. He goes on to say if we respond the same we wont get anything different.

Id been practicing the law of attraction to manifest my dream man for 6 years and I had two relationships but both of the guys were great but it just wasnt right. I was frustrated as I believed in this stuff and was doing everything suggested literally writing and visualising daily for years of what my dream man would be like and also what I would need to become to attract him. Still nothing was happening.

To cut a long story short as Bashar says I had to respond differently. However how do we respond in the first place??? I learnt that we respond to things we see by giving meaning to events. These meanings are what form our beliefs and they are usually formed when children. So we go through life with beliefs giving similar events the same meanings. From these beliefs come our thoughts, feelings then actions.

I realised I must have some subconscious limiting beliefs around men as I seemed to be attracting the same type of guys even though I was trying not to.

I used a coach and after half an hour she found my limiting belief which I wasnt even aware was there. My belief was men are useless. Now Im sorry guys I didnt think this of men in general I have lots of great male friends and there are loads of men who I had admired and respected throughout my life but because the two male role models in my life when I was a child werent exactly great role models I had attached a meaning to seeing this and inturn it had created this limiting belief. This was why even though I was visualising and writing what dream man I wanted I was still attracting men who werent right for me. I was attracting what I believed 

It took about 5 minutes for her to remove this by giving past events different interpretions and meanings. As Bashar calls it responding differently to old circumstances. I then stopped looking and just relaxed and if by magic I met my dream man 2 months later. He is everything and more that I wanted and Im able to be the partner Ive always wanted to be.

I hope this is helpful and Im really looking forward to connecting and learning more from you all on here

Rachael  ;)

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Sometimes I believe that the build up is just as sweet as the delivery.

The longer it takes, the more gratitude one has for the arrival.

It's all perfect.

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I love this. "Circumstances don't matter, only state of being matters."  It reminds me of the Price Pritchert quote: "The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence."   

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I've certainly learned patience through the process.  Seems there is divine timing element to EVERYTHING and that's been a big lesson for me.

Being alignment feels good, which is key, but sometimes the waiting can drive you crazy!  Thoughts?

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Rainbows-Thanks so much for posting this.  It couldn't have come at a better time as I looked trough the forums.  When you're doing something for a long time and see signs but not yet the manifestation, it definitely helps when someone is there to just calm a person down and your post did just that, so thank you!  Bashar is amazing!

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Excellent post, I have experiences at times where my vibrational state is in total harmony with what I am looking to manifest and then impatience sets in which causes me to force the issue and force negates...defecting the good work that has been done previously


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