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Author Topic: True LOA success story: "I make X dollars per week"  (Read 1050 times)

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True LOA success story: "I make X dollars per week"
« on: July 04, 2012, 01:20:40 AM »
When I first started applying the law of attraction to my life in January, one of the first affirmations I said had to do with work. And guess what?

It worked. Read that story here.

But I wanted more. Previously I had asked the universe for “steady work,” but now, I was going for an upgrade. This was my revised work-related affirmation, said in late February:

“I make X dollars per week.”

Better, huh?

Now, I didn’t sit down and do the math to try to figure out a reasonable financial goal. I just came up with a number that sounded great while still being in the realm of possibility (i.e. faith), and went with it.

And whaddya know: This one worked, too. The same thing happened.

I have reached my weekly earnings goal every week since.

I finally did do the math just the other day, and this is what I came up with: On average, my income more than doubled to meet the new quota and–here’s the funny thing–I came within $50 of that new goal–the one I set arbitrarily, not based on anything more than instinct.

Lesson? Time to upgrade again.

Blessings & love,

Mollie Player

By the way, you can receive free, uplifting stories in your inbox (at my blog) every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8 a.m. Visit [url=http://www.storiesandtruth.com]www.storiesandtruth.com[/url].
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