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Author Topic: Prayer- The LOA Way!  (Read 1964 times)

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Prayer- The LOA Way!
« on: June 20, 2012, 08:08:10 AM »
So I was sitting on my chair in-front of my computer and I said to myself "I'm Grateful for the way" With my hands in the praying position I said "Its Been Done"
I zoned out and next thing I know I was writing prayers. I was In awe. It Seemed I Unlocked Some sort of Hidden Talent.
I was always creative and I've always known how to pray. Little did I know I was able to write them the correct way. The Law Of Attraction Way.

First Things First. We All Know Thoughts Even thinking or reading them will create its self in a future event. I was taught at the beginning of my journey to think affirmations as if they were already created.

The Prayers are sort of like instructions, you do what they say and with the power of suggestion and your mind they seem to work and manifest into your experience and if not now usually later.
After all we know thoughts create themselves not always instantly it all depends on how much knowledge you have about manifesting and your personal experience so far with it.

I Also encourage any of you to share any experiences,tips, or even your own LOA Prayers if you can :)

A Future Event Manifestation Prayer Would Look Like

I Then Visualized An Event In The Near Future.
I Followed By Saying In My Mind.
I Have Allowed Myself To Experience The Devine Here In That Moment.
As I Spoke the words they were set into motion.
I Let Go And Forgot and when the time came I experienced The Devine
In that moment.

Prayer With Visualization

I Visualized The Words GOD To An Area In Sight.
As I Looked To The Devine Visualization I was In The Moment Of Now.
Something Showed Me In My Perfect Trust The Light, It Was A Flash Of
Wisdom And Inspiration.
I WAS shown the way, I followed And It Happened.

In The Moment instant Manifesting - Advanced

As the devine within was unleashed, I Was aware of everything.
It All Came Back To me O Devine Spirit, You Are The Unseen force.
The ONE Of All Creation That Was Moving With AND Thru Me.
Creating My Deepest Desires With perfect Harmony.
For In That Moment I Was Un Human, I was connected as ONE.
For that I Thanked You.
As I Thanked you I Seen What I Was Before I was.
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