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Author Topic: TAP INTO WEIGHT LOSS EFT Tapping Scripts for Losing Weight Naturally  (Read 4147 times)

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If you have tried several diet and exercise programs without achieving the desired results or you are having difficulty maintaining your weight, then TAP INTO WEIGHT LOSS can help. TAP INTO WEIGHT LOSS shows you step by step a process that combines EFT and the Law of Attraction to help you lose weight naturally and maintain it.

You will be given easy to follow instructions for using EFT to clear away any mental or emotional blocks you have that have prevented you achieving your weight loss goals. It will also show you how to reprogram your mind so that you desire healthy foods and exercise.

Whether the source of your mental/emotional blocks to losing weight is cravings, lack of motivation, frustration or anything else, TAP INTO WEIGHT LOSS will help you "tap away" these issues so they no longer hold you back from achieving your weight loss goals.

TAP INTO WEIGHT LOSS will introduce you to fun and easy games that will activate the Law of Attraction so that you will easily gravitate to a lifestyle that incorporates your weight loss and health goals



    If you're tired of starting diet after diet without achieving your desired results, then the problem is not with your program. It isn't your desire or even your level of discipline. The problem is locked somewhere in your emotional housing group! Skye's EFT training techniques will help you identify it; Conquer it; and lose all the weight you want. More important, perhaps, it will also give you an invaluable tool for keeping it off for good. No Personal Trainer or gym membership can come close to offering you the priceless information that you'll find in the following pages.


-Spence Gould, CPT, Personal Trainer




        Tap into Weight Loss is a catalyst to better health.  This book is concise, thoughtful, and empowering.  Skye presents a simple, customizable approach to address core issues and get REAL results.  She has laid it all out, step by step; all you need now is you and your commitment. 

    -Tazima Ayana Davis, HHC & RYT, Life Coach & Yoga Instructor www.CompassionateRenegade.com



    Tap Into Weight Loss is a gift to people who have tried everything else.  Sometimes diets work.  Most of the time though, they fail.  Why?  Because some kind of malicious program is running in the background.  Tap into Weight Loss provides ingenious tools for getting to the real issues.  Skye Frank walks her talk on this one.  Anyone who knows her also knows she uses these very tools everyday.  As a Hypno-therapist that works with weight loss clients I am excited to have this tool to offer them that can help them reprogram for success.   


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