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Author Topic: Hello newfound friends! Just the kind of friends I've been wanting too...  (Read 2016 times)

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Hi Everyone,

I'm glad I found this forum. I have been living happily by way of the LOA (which I just realized is the same acronym for Leave of Absence, which is what I am taking from the "real" world, as I design my own) for the past couple of years or so. I am fortunate enough to have a mother who is into the profound teacher of LOA, Abraham Hicks. I have begun to see more and more of life through the eyes of Abraham, and I am truly feeling like a powerful creator. Nothing that I've ever "learned" before feels so right as "I am a good person. When I do things that feel good for me, I know they are the right things to do, because I only do things that are motivated by love." This clears up a lot of confusion and makes me a very happy person. I'm sure you all can relate!

At this very moment, I have been laid off from my employment as an apprentice carpenter.  I have a mortgage and a kid that I raise and support on my own. I have thought about worrying, but changed my mind. When I told my best friend about my layoff, I gave him a line to memorize first. It went, "Oh, congratulations, that's WONDERFUL! Now you have room for something PERFECT!" He didn't really remember the words when his cue came lol. He'll get it...

What is that perfect thing that will jump into the gap left by my job? I'm still not sure, but I know this: I am at ultimate peace when I create. I work with glass, fusing and lampworking, and I make jewelry. I also play a little guitar and piano, sing and write songs. When I vision my ultimate state of peace, these avenues of creativity are always present. I am intending to attract a situation in which I can spend most of my time doing these things, at least until desire leads me in a new direction.

I feel like I'm babbling here. Anyway, I'm grateful to have come upon a new group of people who think similarly to me. I've been attracting more and more such souls into my life recently. Love it!


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Hey Becky,

be very welcome here  ;)

Would love to share more!

There's always a moment between the new thoughts create the reality and when it manifests in the real world...so don't worry!

To find a new job or a new opportunity right down what you exactly don't want and then on the opposit what you do want...this looks simple but for me personaly for some areas was a difficult exercice to do...then , when you are fixed with your desire, start affirming and visualizing it strongly, sending vibrations to the Universe...

You know that already I assume..?

Hope I helped somehow...

And to finish, I wanted to tell you I was looking for a job for more than 2 years now and  when I cleared the point that I want to do things I like and not be obliged doing some job because I already have the experience for it, or because it looks good in someone else's eyes...well things started to happen - I found 2 diplomas I'm on my way to finish next week and after a trainee period I'll do in April -  I believe after that a nice full-time job...  to be continued ;)

Good luck to you!!!

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welcome to this amazing site we are all here to help each other and are all very friendly i wish you all the love and happyness in the world  :D   :D


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