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Author Topic: LOA and material things  (Read 1968 times)

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LOA and material things
« on: September 10, 2011, 03:59:05 AM »
Thank you in advance for answering this question. 
I have wanted my own home/ house for a long time  I have dreamed about it , how I would furnish it etc. A friend called and said she was losing 1 of her house's  and did I want to  buy it.  The house is 4 months behind in payments.  I  had never seen it but I took a shower, Said a pray in gratitude, drove to see, it was dirty,the carpet was 90's the people that moved had left food in the refrigerator so the whole house smelled there was clothes in the closets  there was a huge gaping hole on the side of the foundation. She owed a 1st and 2nd mortgage with a balloon payment coming due in 3 years.  I told her I would buy it and I offered her 2 payments right then and there. She said she wanted to check some things out, with the mortgage companies etc. That was on Sunday, on Monday she called wanted to know who was going to be living there, On Tuesday she called and wanted to know how the paperwork was going to be done.  On Wednesday I called her and told her I did not want the house. Besides the 4 months of payments now there was extensive work to just make it livable. Was I wrong, for declining it.  I pray I did not manifest this type of house.   This house was never in the dreams I have for a home to live in. the size was the only thing correct should I have taken it anyway  even though she flipped and started talking about leasing it to me... I am confused  when you manifest anything are you going against the LOA if you decline it.?

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Re: LOA and material things
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2011, 08:07:34 AM »
If that wasn't your house, it wasn't your house. Don't feel bad for declining something you didn't want. 

Also, sometimes manifestations that are close to what we want, are just signs that we are close to what we want. :) They're also a nice form of contrast, that can help you get super clear on what it is that you want...so now that you've seen what you don't want you can make sure to focus on the things you do want.


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