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Author Topic: LAW OF ATTRACTION - Clearing Subconscious Blocks  (Read 3962 times)

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LAW OF ATTRACTION - Clearing Subconscious Blocks
« on: March 19, 2011, 07:07:47 PM »
Powerful system for clearing subconscious blocks + emotional. AVAILABLE FREE.

The Sekhem Law of Attraction Accelerator

[Article last updated September, 2013]

The Sekhem Law of Attraction Accelerator is a powerful system for clearing subconscious blocks including subconscious negative beliefs, fears and stored/trapped emotions from the past. It is based on Sekhem which is a very advanced form of Universal Energy.

Sekhem can be applied in self-treatments as a form of Natural Healing, to heal the mind and body, including healing on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels. Sekhem is similar to Reiki but operates on a higher vibration and heals on a deeper level. The system accelerates the Law of Attraction by clearing subconscious blocks that may be restricting your ability to work with the Law of Attraction efficiently.

Sekhem Energy

The way the Law of Attraction operates can be influenced in a big way by your subconscious beliefs, your feelings and your expectations. Some of the most common obstacles that can prevent the Law of Attraction from bringing you the positive things you want to manifest in your life are subconscious blocks such as: your subconscious beliefs of unworthiness, your feelings of unworthiness, and your fears. Other subconscious blocks that can get in your way are negative beliefs about the things you are wanting to attract and stored/trapped emotions inside you such as anger, resentment, bitterness, sadness or doubt.

These subconscious beliefs and feelings can override the conscious thoughts you may be creating to try to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want. In fact, whether you realise it or not, your subconscious beliefs and feelings can be attracting into your life things that you do not want. This is very common.

In order to allow the Law of Attraction to more easily work in your favour and bring you what you want, you can work on removing and healing the negative subconscious beliefs, expectations and trapped emotions from the past that stand in the way.

The Sekhem Law of Attraction Accelerator is a powerful tool for doing exactly this. It enables you to bring together the power of Sekhem and the Law of Attraction to manifest your desires faster and more easily. You can use it to focus on removing any subconscious blocks you may have related to attracting the specific things that you want. For example, you can use it to focus on clearing any blocks you have related to attracting financial abundance.

The system works under the direction of your own higher consciousness - your Higher Self. Your Higher Self knows exactly what is going on inside you and what subconscious blocks you have. It knows how to heal you on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels and it knows exactly how to go about releasing and healing your blocks in the best possible way.

This means that you do not have to know (on a conscious level) what your blocks are or how to fix them because the clearing processes will be carried out automatically under the direction of your Higher Self. All you have to do is use the system and ask that it work on clearing your blocks related to a specific area that you choose - for example, attracting financial abundance. Every time you clear a related block, it becomes easier to attract the thing you are wanting.

Whenever you release blocked energy, you create more space within yourself to contain love and light. Because the Sekhem Energy embodies love and light, when more space becomes available within you, it is able to channel in love and light to fill up that space. This boosts your capacity for feeling joy and gratitude. The more love, light, joy and gratitude you have within you, the more powerfully and positively the Law of Attraction will respond to you.

The Sekhem Energy embodies Love and Light

If you are patient and persevering, you can see huge changes in your life. The more you are able to clear your subconscious blocks, the more free you will be to attract into your life the things you really want... and the faster you will be able to attract these things. In fact, the more free you are of blocks, the more you will automatically attract wonderful things into your life without even trying.

The manual for this system is available for free and contains more in-depth information about clearing subconscious blocks, about Sekhem and about working with the Law of Attraction. The system itself is also available for free.

For further information about the system, and to download a copy of the manual, see my Sekhem Law of Attraction Accelerator website at the following link:

I hope you find this system and the related information interesting.

Best Wishes,

- Peter Chapman
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"You have the power to achieve anything you desire." - Abraham

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whats the difference in this and eft?

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Re: Clearing Subconscious blocks
« Reply #2 on: April 23, 2011, 12:07:34 PM »
Hi tonyzamb.

I don't know much about EFT except that I think it involves "tapping" and activating/clearing the maridians in the body.

The system I am describing here (The Sekhem Law of Attraction Accelerator) uses a very advanced form of Universal Energy for clearing subconscious blocks. It is directed by your own Higher Consciousness. You do not do anything to control the energy... it just comes flooding into you and through you, and it goes to work on healing you on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels automatically. You can ask it to focus on clearing subconscious blocks related to specific things. It also energises you and raises your vibration. The energy that it works with is of a much higher vibration than the normal energy in the human body.

You really would have to experience this system to understand it but I would say it is very different to EFT. I think EFT and tapping works on the maridians in the body but only using the normal energy that flows through these maridians.

I hope this answers your question.

Best Wishes,

- Peter
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