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Author Topic: Neuroplasticity to get an ex back? (NEW IDEA)  (Read 1216 times)

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Neuroplasticity to get an ex back? (NEW IDEA)
« on: July 26, 2020, 09:11:50 PM »
Ok, so I haven't posted in a long time but lately I have been studying the brain itself (neurons, synapses, hemispheres etc.) and it's correlation with Law of Attraction.
DISCLAMIER: I do not pose here as some expert. I just want to share my view of things and start a constructive debate. This is not by any means the right way or some shit. Just my POINT OF VIEW.
Let's get going.


The brain itself is very complex and very powerful tool. Everything we see today was made by our human brain operating at the very low rate of its full capacity.
The brain is made out of neurons. Neurons help us pass electrical signals throughout our whole body and thus making our everyday acitvities possible. Whatever you think or do it requiers neurons to make it possible. Brain has billions of neurons and every group of neurons has their special role in our everyday lives.

Whenever you try to learn something new, whether it is a skill or you biology lesson, your brain has to make new neurons for that special activity, or otherwise it would not be possible. This is some basic knowledge and it is going to be important later in this post and you will see why.


You can't be bad or good at something. You either practiced enough or you didn't. When you frist try to ride a bike you will definitely fall. That's because your brain does not have neurons that are necessary for that particular acitvity. But as you progress and keep trying to ride and possibly get minor injuries (scratches, bruises etc.) your brain is challenged to find a way to prevent that and give you your desired goal. Eventually your brain starts forming new neurons that are responsible for your footwork, balance, perception of your surroundings while riding etc. You actively think "I have to turn the pedals, I have to steer to the left, I need to lean right now, I need to brake." Over time those neural bonds become so strong that your brain does the ride for you. You just sit  on a bike and move to your desired direction. You no longer think of pedals, balance, braking etc. That is because you did that for a certain period of time which enabled your brain to form a brand new neural circuits so that acitvity become natural and effortless for you.

No matter what you want to do, your brain will ALWAYS find an answer. You brain has unlimited potential and if you nourish that potential your brain will make anything easy for you. I will recall on this bike example a few more times in this post.


Neurons are not just used for motoric acitvites. Neurons are also responsible for our emotions, our perception of the events around us, our self image and our reactions to certain scenarios in our everyday life.

As kids, our mind is almost entirely in a theta brainwave state. Both our left and right hemispheres work together (this is the best condition to get fast results) and we create our beliefs about life very fast. If your parents never let you ride a bike and told you you can't do it or that it is dangerous because you can hurt yourself you would have probably never learned to ride a bike. Even if you were 30 years old later and wanted to learn it your hardwired beliefs would probably stop you from learning that new skill since your neurons are producing emotions like fear and anxiety when you see a bike.
You would see a bike as something that is dangerous for your well being and your brain is always trying to protect your well being (even if it sometimes actually destroys you).

Your brain does not recognize good or bad. Your brain has its own beliefs that form your self image and brain thinks that it is the best self image and anything even slightly changing that image is endangering your life.

Let's say you were abusing drugs. After long time of abusement, your neural pathways made for that sense of pleasure, finding drugs etc. become so strong that that addiction becomes your new selfimage. Many drug addicts know that what they do is killing them slowly but their brain does not. Their brain thinks that those sensations provided by drugs are necessary for survival. After all, why would brain make new neurons if not for your well being?


If you are struggling in your love life (get dumped, hurt, left behind, humiliated, not respected, used) chances are that is all part of your self image and your neural pathways. Maybe you have seen your divorced parents fight a lot, maybe your father left your mother in tears because of another woman, maybe your father physicaly assaulted your mother. When you were a kid you did not know right from wrong. You saw your father hit your mother and your mother forgiving him and loving him even more. As a kid even though you felt stressed and frightened because of that event you still associated love with all those events and emotins.

You associated love with fear, stress, anxiety, physical pain etc. Chances are you have not seen that event once but repeatedly throughout your childhood and your brain created new circuits regarding love and relationships. Then those circuits were connected to neurons for emotions like stress and anxiety further strengthening that new belief. In the end you have a new self image, new you. Later in life even though you know pain and suffering is not supposed to be a part of love your brain still operates on its subconscious beliefs. Those neural circuits are still strong and your brain wants to keep it that way.

This is the reason why some people just walk from one abusive relationships to another. They call themselves unlucky when in reality their brain is acutally helping them keep that self image intact. Their brain wants them to be in a realtionship that represents love even though love means fear, pain and suffering for them.
They constantly find abusive partners who humiliate them, beat them, cheat etc.
They say things like "Why do I always find someone like that?". The answer lies in your subconscious brain. Your subconscious brain is scanning your surroundings at the speed 10 times higher than your conscious mind. That boy that has "aura" or "glow" doesn't really have any of those things. Your subconscious brain just picked up on his body language, look in the eyes etc. which represents things that it craves - anxiety, fear, abuse, pain. You feel super excited when meeting that boy and talking to him at first and you don't know why. But your brains knows. Because you are going to get all those sensations that "keep you alive".

On the other side you have people that grew up in loving families, who saw their parents give love and attention to each other. Those kids developed neural pathways that associated love with happines, gratitude, selflessness, joy etc. Those kids grow up into people that almost every time find a perfect partner. Even though their relationships don't work out they almost never end on the bad terms. People call them lucky but in reality their brain is just working on finding a parnter that will provide sensations connected to love. Their brains picks up on cues of love, attention, care and joy in other people. They feel attracted to people that posses those traits since their subconscious brain is drawing them to those people.
A girl like that would probably encounter a lot of "bad boys" who are extremely hot but still not find them attractive. She can't tell why but she is just not attracted.
Then you would see her with a guy  that is maybe 5/10 or 6/10, not being to rich but her brain sensed traits that it wants in him so it just made her attracted to him. Eventually you see them having  loving and effortless relationship where they both grow together and enjoy each others company.


If you made it this far you probably started seeing a correlation of law of attraction and the brain. As you can see this may even be a scientific explanations of the law. Your brain navigates you towards things that are hardwired into your brain. Your brain processes information (sounds, images, smells, words, music, lights, voices, colours) around you super fast and navigates you towards things that complement your self image which was created. Your brain is flooded with information every seconds. In a bar your brain scans all the people. Your brain sees that that dark haired guys was doing time in prison, that the other guy is nice and warm, that the third guy is funny and loves to do exciting stuff. Your self image is associating love with excitement and laugh. Even though that ex prisoner is super hot you just feel attracted to that guy who seems funny and exciting. You completely disregard the other two and your brain automatically uses its neurons to attract the third guy. Your body language subtly changes to attract him. Then his subconsious mind and his neurons pick up on that and work on trying to get your attention and boom! You just "click". There is no secret force or anything. Your brain and his brain just made the two of you be at that place at that time because your brains know it has the best chance to success if it does it that way.
There is no magic in that. Your brain just did what it needed to do to "keep you alive" by fortifying your self image - it processed information, discarded the things it didn't need and focused on things that were important for it, then it made you do the best things possible in the form of body language, speech, facial expressions so you can eventually attract something that is going along with your self image.


Even though you can't rewire your brain as easily as you could when you were a 6 year old you can still do it with time and effort. Rewiring your brain means forcing it to strengthen neural pathways that will actually help you get positive outcomes in your life and weaken those pathways that keep you suffering and not succeeding.

At first your brain will struggle and it's a great sign! It means something is changing. It means that neurons are refusing to give in and want to keep that self image intact. If you proceed and be patient over time those neurons will weaken and other ones will take over. Then your brain will operate on another level. Your brain will seek other things, focus on other things and thus deliver to you a better outcome. Your brain will focus on the guy that will actually love you and support you, not the one who will treat you like crap. Your brain may even make you attracted to people you despised before because those people will now be the ones who can provide those newly craved sensations. You will give off a defensive vibe to people who are abusive and they will just avoid you. On the other hand your body will give warm and welcoming vibe to people that are loving and generous, they will feel drawn to you even thought thet don't know why.

Rewiring your brain can be used for any area of your life - finances, love, sports, school etc.



In this video they explain in depth how to rewire your brain. If you want to attract your ex your statements should be something about a loving relationship or something regarding self worth.

The idea behind this is that when your brain rewires it will find ways to attract your ex back or maybe even someone better because it always finds an answer. Your brain once found a way to attract that person so it is likely that it will find a way to get them attracted again. If in the process your brain senes that that person was not on your level, or that person does not complement that new self image of yours that it will just get over them and attract someone better.

I hope you liked this post. I really tried my best to explain the relationships between brain and law of attraction. I would like to hear your opinions wheter or not this may be a possibility.


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