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Author Topic: Why You Shouldn't Micromanage When Attempting To Attract Deliberately  (Read 206 times)

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If any of us were asked if we know what we want we would most likely respond with a quick, “Yes I know what I want.” We think we want certain things because we believe they will lead to more desirable experiences that we would define as happiness. Unfortunately for us, if getting what we think we want won't result in the outcome we believe our wants will bring us then we won't attract what we want. Thinking like this or idealizing is a form of micromanaging and it is impossible to micromanage a force that is infinitely more aware than we are. By micromanaging, we limit the flow of possibilities. By limiting the possibilities, we place additional buffers between us and our desired outcome. That said, instead of focusing on all the fine details, you should instead focus on an overall outcome and only the main details of interest, then let the universe fill in the blanks. Focus on the experience and not how you think that experience will become your reality because you won't know until it happens.

To make a point, if you seek a nice car you should first focus on the experience you would like to have and then how a car could help you belong to that experience. What kind of relationship would you like to have with the experience you seek and what type of car would make that relationship possible? Essentially, you would only go as far as deciding on what that car would need to provide in order to fulfill the relationship you would like to have with the experience you seek. It's not about the car; it's about you and the experience. It’s about how you would like to fit into or belong to the experience. The car is merely a prop. You would only go as far as staying aware of the details that contribute to the parts of the experience that excites you, and the details that would make your relationship to that experience inevitable. These are the details that would link you to the experience and anchor you in.

Let’s say you want to race a car. If this is your case, you might stay focused on the wheels, tires, suspension, shocks, exhaust, and the minimum horsepower it must have to catch your attention. Basically, you would be more concerned with what is under the hood as opposed to someone who wants the experience of being able to take his family on long driving trips without dealing with his children’s impatience. In his case, he would be more focused on what's in the cabin of the car. He would want an entertainment system installed in the back so his children will remain entertained throughout the entire drive.

Keep in mind that you don't know what will be available on the market when you are ready to make a purchase. You may swear that you want a specific make and model, but every year new models from every make come out. For all you know, you will fall in love with a car from a make and model you never considered. For all you know, someone may have customized a car that is perfect for you, regardless of it being three years old. If it’s a car with low mileage and an extended warranty, then three years may not be a big deal for you. For all you know, the car that is perfect for you is already within your budget. You don't know, and you won't know until you are ready to make the purchase. The only thing you need to know is that you will find something you deem as perfect for you.

You wouldn't stop there either. Maybe you want to park that car in a garage, so it doesn't get worn by the elements or broken into. You might want a customized garage to service and maintain your new car. You might want to be part of an automobile club, or customize it and bring it to car shows. My point is, there is a lot more to the story than just driving a nice car down the street. There is a whole lifestyle behind the driver, and you need to know the story you wish to call your own. Therefore, just stick with the crucial details that appeal to you when you are deliberately attracting. Only focus on the few crucial details that must be present to fulfill an experience. Let the universe fill in the rest.

When the universe fills in the blanks, it will give you no more and no less than what that experience requires. For example, let's say you want to buy a home. You want a cozy home that has privacy and a nice view. You focus on attracting $200,000.00 because you know that amount will afford you what you are looking for. You find yourself going nowhere because the house that suits your intentions is only $110,000.00. Also, this house can be furnished and fixed up for another $20,000.00, leaving your attraction attempt to be $70,000.00 more than needed. Furthermore, you figured you would keep your car for a few more years and share it with your spouse until you save up more money for two new cars. If you were to have the extra $70,000.00, you could get two new cars, and they can be nice cars at that. Because the attraction of a newly furnished beautiful home and two new cars is out of your league of beliefs, you will not obtain the money and won't get the house, let alone the two new cars.

Why did this happen? It happened because you micromanaged. Your beliefs on what is true for you and what is actually true for you don't coincide. Ultimately, this creates a frustrating situation where you are spinning your wheels and getting nowhere. You would be better off believing what you want about the cars while staying focused on finding the right house that suits you. You wouldn’t focus on the money because when you buy the house, you don't want money to be an issue. Therefore, you wouldn’t make an issue of it upfront to avoid having the universe reflect those beliefs into your future experiences. This would allow the perfection of a higher awareness to take care of the rest perfectly. Therefore, in a perfect scenario where you deliberately attract and manifest in accordance with your beliefs, you would be able to obtain $110,000.00 and save up for the two new cars while making due with the furniture you currently own.

No one knows all the possibilities that lie beyond us. Therefore, it's ridiculous to micromanage a force we can't conceive. The moral of these explanations is you must only go as high as your beliefs will allow. $90,000.00 for new furniture and two new cars is chump-change to the universe, but it may be a world of difference to you. That world of a difference would create a conflict of truths which will stall your attempts.

I can't make any promises that you will manifest everything you pursue or that you will experience it all at the same time as planned. So for all practical purposes, your goal is to obtain the highest yield possible. This is achieved by only focusing on the experiences that interest or excite you while leaving the rest for the universe to decide on. The less you micromanage, the more possibilities the universe has to work with, allowing it to be drawn to you quicker than if you micromanage.

~Nicholas D'Arezzo~


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