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Author Topic: Control Those Wandering Thoughts Because Where You Look Is Where You Go  (Read 468 times)

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There is a word of caution given when learning how to drive a motorcycle. There is a similar word of caution that is often announced when learning the laws of the universe, as they pertain to deliberate attraction. When learning how to drive a motorcycle safely, it is cautioned that where you put most of your attention is where the motorcycle will end up. Likewise, when learning how to deliberately attract, it is cautioned that where you put most of your attention is where your life will end up. Therefore, the first priority for staying in control is to keep your mind on your intended destination and stay focused on the road that will get you there.

Staying in control of your wandering thoughts is imperative because you are attracting as long as you are awake and conscious. As long as you are awake and conscious, you are aware of something. This awareness continues non-stop from the moment you wake up in the morning to the moment you drift off to sleep at night. As long as you are aware, you are processing thoughts. This, in turn, produces aether energy which then becomes your presence (your gravity) and your influence (personal magnetism). Therefore, as long as you are awake, you are producing aether energy.

This is very serious because the average person has fifty to seventy-thousand thoughts per day. When I say “thoughts,” I'm talking about all the processes taking place in the brain. For example, we have about ten thoughts per second when we walk. As we are walking, we are processing what our five senses are taking in. This includes our direction of walking, our motor abilities, and feedback from muscle stresses. Involuntary actions like eye-blinking and breathing are also taking place. The actual intellectual thoughts are what you need to pay attention to. Each one of your intellectual thoughts will influence your attraction-results because they are getting feedback from your core beliefs. This is a filtering process known as consideration.

From those fifty to seventy-thousand thoughts per day, you make somewhere around thirty-five-thousand decisions a day. The decisions you make are a reflection of your beliefs. Therefore, on average, you have at least thirty-five-thousand opportunities per day to get in touch with your true hard-wired beliefs and intentions. Your intentions are influenced by your considerations which then influence your decisive actions. These processes take place in a continuous loop. This loop is made up of your observations, then considerations, then intentions, then actions, then back to observations again. Your responses will be reactive if you haven’t updated your core beliefs, which influence your intentions. If you don't make modifications to your current beliefs or intentions, you will be running on a default autopilot. This autopilot is what most of us navigate with on a regular basis. This is not a bad or good thing. This is just an observation of cause-and-effect.

Every micro-decision you make is a micro-step towards a more desirable direction or a less desirable direction. We move very slowly in either direction when on autopilot. This is because, after all the decisions we have made in a day, we usually end up with a few dominant decisions in either direction. The rest of the decisions we made throughout the day have been canceled out by the others. For the record, a decision is made after a consideration is surfaced to become a thought in the conscious awareness. From there you can decide to feed those thoughts with your awareness or ignore them. A decision is always the effect of a thought which can cause new considerations and new intentions to continue in a specific direction.

Remaining in a default-autopilot lifestyle is like slowly rocking a boat that eventually gets out of control. Ultimately, drastic actions need to be taken when the rocking boat has been unattended and requires severe counterbalancing to stop the fierce rocking. Usually, by the time you are aware of the violent rocking, you are about to be thrown off. Therefore, it's just as important to know how to keep the boat in check as it is to be able to stop it from violently rocking.

I tried to find a study on how many of our auto-thoughts have opinions attached to them. I couldn't find one because it probably doesn't exist. However, it's not hard to get an idea. You can figure it out for yourself in a few minutes and get a good idea of what's going on in your head. This is because, when you navigate, you are constantly forming opinions according to your observations. Next time you are alone doing something, become aware of all the auto-thoughts you are having for a minute or two. After you are aware of the auto-thoughts that go through your head, listen to the thoughts and feel the emotions that follow the auto-thoughts. You will start to get to know yourself better. Hopefully, you like what you hear and feel.

I tried this out while walking in the back area of a building. As I walked through the yard, I noticed my surroundings. Immediately after glimpsing at the flower beds, my awareness was suddenly infused with a feeling of perplexity. I was perplexed that the caretaker of that property plugged plastic plants with the real ones because we live in a tropical-climate state. I then realized how dirty they were and how a well-intentioned attempt to create beauty, backfired. I then wondered why the caretaker didn't realize this and assumed this person is lazy.

Do you see what just happened within a split second? The thoughts weren't even worded thoughts because they came and went too fast for me to translate them into words, as my awareness jumped to the next observation. It was a mere observation that was immediately followed by awareness, then thoughts, then emotion. The words I wrote are an explanation of the emotions I had because the thoughts were gone as fast as they came. The thoughts most likely canceled each other out because I saw the good and the bad in the caretaker. Try it for yourself. It may shock you.

What might also shock you is the large number of opinions you are having in such a short period of time. If you face your opinions on an individual basis, your ego will give you a plausible explanation. However, your ego cannot kindly justify the enormous amounts of opinion-interrupts it is pumping into your head without exposing itself and its intentions. Therefore, your ego’s explanations must be muted while you do this because it will be justifying a mindset that may not be in your best interests. You merely need to listen to what is going on in your mind without looking for an explanation. Every observation you make becomes a consideration that is a thought, laced with opinions. Some form of emotion then follows these opinions. These simple observations easily become charged thoughts that will determine your future. Therefore, it is up to you to decide on how you wish to continue feeding these thoughts, if at all.

That said, if you wish to find out where your emotional state of mind is, then quiet your mind and feel the automatic opinions you are having. Once it becomes easy for you to be aware of your charged thoughts, you must then counter the negative ones with desirable thoughts based on desirable intentions. This, in turn, will modify your core beliefs. This is an excellent meditation practice that can be used anywhere at any time. It's an effective way to find yourself and understand why you are where you’re at.

Nicholas D'Arezzo


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