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Author Topic: Amazing manifestations today  (Read 306 times)

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Amazing manifestations today
« on: March 13, 2020, 02:00:30 AM »
Lately I've really been focused on letting go. After many years of being so "resistant" and up tight, my focus really has been just on letting go. I've been deciding that things are going to be OK, even if things are far from OK. Today I had an exam where I had to have about 100+ things memorized. I am typically on top of my A-game, and would have had everything memorized, but for some reason I just didn't get to it. I woke up early this morning and started trying to memorize, but it was just tough to stay focused. I kept trying, and decided that things were just going to work out. Yes, in the face of the CRIPPLING ANXIETY that OH SHIT I HAVE TO MEMORIZE 100+ things in a few hours, I was able to let go and feel completely at peace....as if I didn't care about the outcome, because I knew all was going to be well.

Since I've adopted the mindset of just focusing on letting go, I've been seeing angel numbers like crazy 222,333,444, etc. So today, I saw many of those numbers. Prior to heading to school I had an appointment and was hoping there would be a mix up, or it would get cancelled so I could have more time to study. I show up for the appointment and no one is to be found at the office. All of the lights were out - no one was there. A mix up totally happened, and there was clearly no appointment to be had, even though I was there at the correct time. So, I gained an extra two hours to study, and since I was in the mindset that things were going to work out, I decided to stop and treat myself to a nice lunch instead of racing over to the school to get some study time in. I had lunch, and THEN went to the school. I worked up until the last second on studying, even though - for whatever reason - I could NOT retain the material. I didn't know how, but I just decided things were going to be OK. I even considered cheating, which honestly is something I'd never do... but kept hoping that maybe this teacher would let us have a cheat sheet during the test.

I get to the classroom, a few minutes late. The teacher hands out a sheet of paper with information on it about the test. She says we are allowed to use the sheet during the test. This teacher is VERY strict about memorization so this was a complete surprise, and I just knew it was the universe. The paper didn't have all of the 100+ things we needed to know on it - actually no where CLOSE, but then a miracle happened. She decided to lecture for about 45 minutes before handing out the test. I wrote what I needed onto the paper. Thus, I, very unexpectedly, got my "cheat sheet." My classmate comes in, and I comment on her beautiful necklace... it was a gorgeous goldstone. I love goldstone. Of course I had to ask her if she was into crystals/manifesting... and she said she is "just getting into the Law of Attraction." This really rounded out the day nicely, since all of these events happened due to the LOA. I took the exam and I have the gut feeling I did very well. The teacher also announced, just before the test that her other class didn't do well on this exam, so she might re-test us on this stuff down the line, so that we don't have to get a bad grade. While I was originally attempting to prepare, I was so worried about doing poorly on the exam, and the universe gave me everything I needed to do well.

As I was leaving school, I was thinking to myself in the future when I'm taking A&P I'm really going to need to use my memorization skills... and at that moment, a bus with a HUGE ad for the prestigious medical school I am hoping to be accepted to, passed by me and my car - out of no where. For those who don't know A&P is a pre-med class. The bus also had a word on it that directly correlated to something that my teacher mentioned in our class. 

Anyway, I am so very grateful and am on a high about these manifestations. Right now I am not doing anything specific except for deliberately listening to my emotions and deliberately letting go when things get too emotionally heavy. I kept forcing meditation, gratitude etc... after having an absolute streak with the LOA and things going well when I did those things, but then I recently realized the FORCING and doing things because I have to because being in the mindset of "when I do these things, my current reality will improve" is only keeping me "stuck" and life isn't improving. I'm really happy to say that since I've adopted this mindset about a week ago, I've seen things improve in many areas.

Sending so much love to you all my friends, and God bless you on your journey.
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