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Author Topic: 3 Simple And Effective Ways To Boost Your Abundance  (Read 1564 times)

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3 Simple And Effective Ways To Boost Your Abundance
« on: February 15, 2020, 05:06:02 AM »
TIP #1: Live beneath your means, so you always know you have more money than you need. By budgeting, so you will always have plenty left over, you will begin to see where you have abundance when you start obtaining liquid assets. This, in turn, will make the reality of having money your belief because it’s your truth. The universe will then mirror that belief and amplify it into your life. In other words, living beneath your means can help you obtain more money according to the law of attraction.

Put yourself in a place where you can say, “I can afford it, but I don't want to invest in it right now.” Choose a large bank account over the latest toy on the market. The more money you have put away, the more peace of mind you will have. Also, when you do spend money, you spend it knowing you have it. This beats using credit cards which can sabotage your ability to attract money because you are reminded (at least once a month) that you owe money you don't have. If you are going to use a credit card, use it because you don't want to carry cash. Only spend what you will be able to pay off in a month or two.

TIP #2: It is often said and more often proven that those who share their abundance gain more abundance. Personally, I have experienced many windfalls of abundance from this act alone but I didn't always have an abundance. That said, here’s a tip to help you gain abundance during your next attempts at manifesting a better way of living if you can’t share monetary abundance (because you don't have enough to give). 

I would like to begin by pointing out the accumulated stuff in your home. I'm talking about the items you haven't used in the last three years and cannot see yourself using in the next three. These items which you have little use for are powerful tools that can aid you in your journey towards living an abundant lifestyle. Unfortunately, they can also set you back.

Inanimate objects possess two things that can work against you. First of all, everything has a vibration to it, and that vibration may not work in your favor or your best interests. Some of the things you own will conflict with the vibrations you are drawing in. Therefore, those things will disappear one way or the other during your journey to better. If you have too many things that hold an opposing vibe, then your manifestation attempts will most likely put you in a position where you will have to make a tough decision. That decision will be to downsize if you want to move on to better.

Secondly, holding onto specific items may hinder you from moving on because somewhere in the back of your mind you think that one day you are going to do something with those items. By doing this, you risk putting the experiences you desire on hold, that you can be doing now, instead of staying stagnant with false expectations or hopes. This, of course, is all happening on a subconscious level. Watch a documentary on hoarders, and you'll understand where I'm coming from. These are people who collect and never throw things away because they think they're going to use these items someday. Many years down the road they find themselves trapped in all the stuff that was intended to bring more fulfillment into their lives.

That said, I suggest you do a major cleaning of your home or place where you dwell right before you start a new life plan. This is because when you start a new plan or project, you may find that the items you've never used or didn't think you'll ever use can have a new purpose in aiding you in your new pursuits. At this point, you can help the flow by rearranging your living space and re-assigning a new role for your belongings. This is an excellent time to either keep or rename all that you own. If you have no use for the item and can't think of how it would fit into your new lifestyle, then you should consider getting rid of it. 

You can give things away or sell them. Of course, throwing away things is an option but giving it to someone who will appreciate what you have will accelerate the flow of abundance in your life. Giving items to charity is good, but individually finding others who will genuinely enjoy that item will help your state of mind by helping you practice how to give. Just make sure to ask that person if they are interested before handing over something you think they would be interested in. 

Finding others who will cherish what you once cherished is a great way to begin your flow of abundance. This is because when you give in this way, you are verifying your thankfulness and appreciation for what you have. You are also being appreciative of your abundance when you give something to someone who can benefit from that item. An appreciative state of mind is imperative to obtain and have abundance. By starting your new journey with appreciation, you are likely to end up with what you will appreciate, and that gratitude is the beginning of a more abundant lifestyle. If it is a cherished item (like an inherited item), then you should keep it. I'm only suggesting that, at this point, you release the physical clutter in your life. Physical clutter will contribute to the inhibition of a smooth abundant flow.

TIP #3: Are you familiar with feng shui? I will give you a little secret if you are solely concerned with abundance as it pertains to money. Money is just a small part of being truly abundant, but if this is your primary concern, as of now, then throw the picture collage away and use feng shui. There is plenty of information on feng shui, and it has worked for me. Also, I hear nothing but positive stories about its results. You can even hire a consultant to come to your home for a consultation. Feng shui is about influencing your life by affecting the flow of energy in your home. If you do not wish to explore this path, then let me make one suggestion, and that is to protect the corners of your living space with plants, sea salt, energy-items, and the like. Without plants or other forms of positive energy in your home, the fluctuating energies of the world penetrate into your home, claiming whatever they want as they blast through your comfort zone. Energies and spirits enter and exit through the corners of your home. Whatever corner you can place a plant, I urge you to set a plant there and get the biggest one that will comfortably fit. Make sure it's by the windows and free of drafts. If you can manipulate the airflow from your central AC to avoid the window-lit corners, then you need to do it and put a plant there. Place orgone-generator pyramids or Himalayan-salt rock-lamps where there are no windows. All of these items are relatively inexpensive. If you are really in the scraps, then pour salt into the corners and make sure you are using real sea salt (that can be found in almost any supermarket). Don't use table salt; in fact, I suggest you don't even put table salt in your body. Table salt is sodium chloride, and your body is not able to process sodium-chloride efficiently. By putting any of these in all the corners of your home, you are creating an environment free of harmful or abrasive energies shooting through from outside. As for the orgone generators, I recommend getting the ones designed for success. Money is nothing more than a ball and chain if you aren't happy with how you attain it. Money is just one of the many factors of being successful in life.

~Nicholas D’Arezzo~


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