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Author Topic: Back again with the tests...  (Read 579 times)

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Back again with the tests...
« on: December 10, 2019, 05:57:01 PM »
Well, long story short, I have a thing for the scientific method (Think, test, report, modify), so I tried applying it to LOA and made a few notes about it all:

1st test) I wanted to win from a guy in a strategy game before the end of the first week of December, so for 3 days I visualized my troops going into his territory unoposed, celebrating in my mind the impending victory.
Result: I managed to get lots of good deals in the world market (in which the prices are unusually high in the late game as we were) and managed to produce 4 end game weapons, by then I also managed to have several small breakthoughs, forcing him to put his forces togheter to face one of my armies, which I then deleted with the nuclear weapons I got, basically allowing me to waltz into his territory unoposed, just like I visualized.

2nd test) I wanted to have a new pen and so I visualized myself flipping a pen in my hand for 2 days

Result: 2 days later I was invited to go to a party with my friends, but I had to go buy some stuff before, so I got my usual backpack ready to go, but then I just though that it was too small and got a backpack I haven't used for over 8 months and felt the need to "check" the backpack for anything (Thing i am sure I did before storing it deep into my wardrobe) and found 2 pens, they look new, obviously old, but work like a charm.

My take on this?: The law of attraction always look for the easiest way down the hill, just like water. Since everything that happened relied on simple things. Well, I can't say I am not surprised by the fact that I reached my visualized objectives, and yeah, I know that I don't need to know the "How" only the "What", but testing and trying is always cool.
Don't worry, because out of no way, a way will be made, God will provide!


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