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Author Topic: healing the body through LOA definitely works!  (Read 1063 times)

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healing the body through LOA definitely works!
« on: September 29, 2019, 07:24:03 AM »
for anyone working on healing themselves, healing absolutely works. through mediation , i've healed many things in my own body from full blown cavities (yes multiple) to chronic back and neck pain (which i suffered for more than a decade), rejuvenation, eye allergies, eczema, grown an inch taller past the age of 30. these are just to name a few things where i have developed the conscious direct connection from my thoughts and feelings to what was manifesting in my body. this gave me a solid foundation to start exploring how my thoughts and feelings about someone else close to me (my mom and dad) affects them. since then, i have consciously observed my parents health conditions (my dad had some heart palpitations and has had high blood pressure for 40 years and my mom has this chronic cough for almost 10 years) and how my thoughts and feelings about them affected them. every single time i would hold my parents in my own vibrational space as being completely well, they would experience significant, noticeable improvement and every time i would worry about their conditions, it would start to get worse. some people may call me crazy and i would call myself crazy too if i had not had the solid experience and evidence that my body produced when i healed myself. the process of healing, at least when we are first learning to heal ourselves and others, is just that- a process. it will not happen overnight. it will happen as quickly as you believe it will happen and when i say believe, i mean with every spirit molecule in your body, you KNOW that you are affecting your healing or someone elses healing.

the healing process for my tooth took nearly 6 years to get to a place where i am now. the only reason it took that long is because i would always go back and forth between KNOWING that i am infinite wellbeing and fearing that i was crazy to believe that a tooth can heal completely on its own. i was conscious of this back and forth, tug of war of emotions and beliefs inside me until i was able to finally hold steady MOST of the time, that my tooth was really reversing itself. it took me cycle after cycle after cycle of observing everytime i fell off of my KNOWINGNESS and then getting back on and experiencing the direct results from those positive thoughts and feelings i was able to hold for extended periods of time. in the beginning, each time i was able to hold the feeling or i was in an environment where i was not worried about my tooth (i.e. when i was out on a date, out with friends at a party, playing music etc), directly following those periods of positive emotion regarding my healing, my tooth ache would go away for at least a couple days. it happened so much that i knew it was not a coincidence - that i was able to reproduce the results. after gaining confidence in that and reprogramming my brain to expect those results every time, the healing in my tooth accelerated greatly. this is the same way you manifest healings in anything in your body INCLUDING youth, growth (height) and other body changes that we're told are not possible. healing someone else is also the same.
when i first found out i had a cavity, my dentist told me i needed to get it pulled and implanted.  i dd not want that.  i told him no and then i went onine and found a book that claimed to heal cavities through strict special diet which included drinking half a gallon raw milk every day and eating raw cheese and boiling chicken bones for 12 hours a day.  i tried that for 3 months and did not bode well.  i started realizing that the healing was actually so easy and i was making it so difficult for myself.  i was making my cavity such a HUGE issue that i had to go to the market every day and get gallons of raw milk--blech  i don't even drink milk regularly! 

one day, as i was sitting outside of an in and out burger, my mouth began to water.  the smell of the greasy burger wafted into my car and i began to crave it.  of course, fast food was out of the question with this diet but i said fck it, i'm gettin me a burger!  so i waited in the drive thru line for 30 minutes, drooling.  when i finally got home with my burger, i was so ready to devour it.  the very first bite i took was so amazingly good, that i forgot about EVERYTHING.  forgot about my tooth, didn't even care about it.  that bite was worth it, who cares if my tooth falls out i thought.  i then noticed a sense of complete freedom from my tooth and my "situation" or "cavity".  it felt SO good and SO free that i decided to eat the rest of the burger like that.  i didn't expect anything to really happen, but the next 3 or 4 days following that 30 minunte burger meditation, my tooth ache was GONE.  my tooth had been hurting for a month straight at least so it was noticeable when it disappeared.  it came back after about 4-5 days and so i decided to get in and out again - and the pain disappeared..AGAIN.  so i just started to get fast foods of all kinds (not recommending you do this lol) and every time i was able to fully immerse myself in the gluttony of eating greasy foods (and junk food like chips and hot fries), my tooth would get better.  of course, it was not the junk food that did it, it was my meditating that did it.  one day, my mom saw me eating all this junk and freaked out. as a health conscious and holistic person, she warned me that i was crazy.  i got scared and then it stopped working for me.  i started adopting better eating habits and started to taste my more "healthy" food in all its deliciousness and that started working for me too.  for a very long time though, at least 2 years during the beginning of my healing process, i would go back to those moments where i was eating the burgerr and using those moments as food for my meditations.  i started to notice that just by meditating on those moments and being able to feel the peace and freedom in those moments and directly connecting that with the actual manifestation of a better feelin tooth would make me feel so good in my meditations and that everytime i was able to hold that vibration for an extended period of time (a few hours or so), i would experience a noticeable improvement in my tooth.  after years of developing this confidence, i just know now that i am able to affect anything in my body and heal it.  hope this helps.
love and light ,
this video i made on fear and processes i use to release fear, will help you on your path:

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Re: healing the body through LOA definitely works!
« Reply #1 on: October 01, 2019, 03:51:54 PM »
Thank you for this post, Jackson.  ;)
I really want to grow taller now at the age of 23. Can you share with me what you did to grow taller? I was so inspired by your story. Hope to learn from you. :)


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