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Author Topic: Iíve been trying to manifest my ex back... and he cheated on his gf with me  (Read 1756 times)

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Iím challenged with a very tough situation. If I explained the whole story, Iíd have to write a whole book.

X and Y were dating. Z caught an interest in X, and tried to get him to leave Y. She wrote love letters, gave him gifts, hugged him, etc. X eventually caught feelings for Z. X broke up with Y, but never told Y about him cheating on her with Z. Y found out about the whole story two months after they broke up.

Time passed, Y forgave X, even for the cheating.. X and Y stayed as close friends, eventually friends with benefits. They almost got back together multiple times. Until X started dating Z.

Y is heartbroken. She tries to use LOA to get him back. She uses subliminals, meditates, 4x44, rubbing out technique, and a bunch of other things. Long story short, X came back to Y. X cheated on Z with Y. I donít need to say how.

X and Z are still together. X is planning to tell Z about the cheating in a day or too. Does this mean that the LOA is working? Yes, I am Y. I have also been seeing his name everywhere and numbers like 1111, 222, 333...

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Signs always follow, they never precede. So stop looking for results because the results will find you once you stop searching. You are the result, just you.

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I agree with Alexbally.  You have to stop searching for the results.

I love you but you need to hear this.  STOP. 

Let go of it right now.  Focus on yourself, work on YOU.  Right now you are "chasing" and what we chase will only run.  We attract the energy we put out, and right now regardless of how many law of attraction "exercises" you do... you're still sending out the energy of not having what you want, being heat broken and having to "have" X.

My best advice is to stop it all right now and focus on yourself.  Stop looking for results from your manifestation techniques, they're not going to come as long as you're thinking this way.

Instead, it's time work on you.  How can YOU be the best version of yourself possible?  How can you make yourself so attractive?  (I don't mean just physically, I mean mentally, etc.)
Can you go workout?  Get a hair makeover?  Read more books and learn more?  Work on getting a promotion at work?  Make a list and do it.  You have to love yourself in order for others to find you attractive.  You need to be happy without him.  Learn to be happy now... there's so much more I can say about this topic but I think this will help get you started. 

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OK...Tell Us or Me...What Do You Really want to achieve....Visualize this a few times a day....Just the end result...You are in a frenzy now....But when you know the end result...Stay Only there....don't think of who what where when...Concentrate on results done...Be strong and Powerful There.....your brain will figure out the in between...And will.. one way or another bring results that you engraved in your mind...So only know this is final and go do whatever you want and have funnn!!! make it simple and Know that you put your order and The end result will deliver the end result...TC My ftriend and enjoy your manifestation...Be Wise...Be strong...You want it?  ...Place your order and don't change anything ...the U niverse will fill the.. in between ..of how this will happen....

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I'm sorry, but I have to say this. I think there is no future for such a relationship. Moreover, these relationships usually end badly for everyone.
If you really want to be happy, I recommend that you contact a specialist who will give you good advice. If I were you, I'd take a break from the relationship to sort out my feelings. You can also read various blogs like this one https://marriage-professor.com/ to learn tips on how to be happy.
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