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Author Topic: Why is this happening?  (Read 831 times)

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Why is this happening?
« on: September 02, 2019, 02:19:19 AM »
I'm losing it. I'm so tired and wish I couls give up but I know I want to live my life with this person. I had posted a while ago here that my ex would keep posting broken hearted posts at his blog and i didn't know if they were about me or someone else, since he had adamantly denied having any feelings left for me. No contact ever happened, anything, just any time we'd meet each other it would be lovely but he had made it clear he wanted distance. That for over 6 months, and I just couldn't live in the end and eliminate all doubt, so I told myself that if I manifested him posting something specific about a past relationship instead about general heartbreak, like "i miss you" i'd know it would be for me since he hasn't done anything with anyone else. Eventually i realized how ridiculous all that was and how i was messing with the middle and obsessing and completely let go. We saw each other and I didn't care. Weeks later after having managed to let go and just happilg visualizing us together, I got an urge to check his blog and I finally found all those posts I had been trying to manifest for 7 months! Seven whole months of stalking and ridiculousness, and when I let go he flooded his blog with posts that finally were so dead-on for us! So then I got ridiculously happy and started waiting for something to happen but nothing happened. I became obsessed again and started stalking, and soon the lovey dovey posts stopped and I started worrying that it'd never happen. I started visualizing again and I'm currently trying to let go, but today he posted something that roughly translated to us not being together being good for him. I am devastated. It's been 7 months, I've done so much work but I'm so angry with myself for sliding into the bad habits again. How is everyone me pushed out when my mental diet recently has been all about us making the choice to be happy together? I know that I'm still stalking and emitting needy vibes and I'm so angry with me but I honestly don't know how to detach and stop feeling this way. I used to be so optimistic and it feels like forever. I don't know how to hold on, it feels like forever and it feels so silly that we're both in love with each other but choose to suffer instead. Does it sound like a lost cause to you?

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Re: Why is this happening?
« Reply #1 on: September 04, 2019, 11:54:35 AM »
WoW!!!!!!   It seems like a competition on who will give up first....Well Tell US What YOU Want...in this relationship...What is your end goal???What do you think you ...YOU... want to achieve? ....HAPPEN...Already done...You bring to you what you think...What is your DONE outcome???...
           Have funn!!! my friend and make it simple...The mind brings and recognises the simple things...Quick and easy....And He's all yours...Add some energy...results done...He will be obsessed..


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