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Author Topic: How i used LOA Against myself [Unconsciously]  (Read 908 times)

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How i used LOA Against myself [Unconsciously]
« on: August 10, 2019, 07:23:26 AM »
So first of all i would like to say hello for all members of this great forum and i would like to thank them for the amazing daily posts , before i start i also want to say sorry for my English because i'm not a native speaker.

My story with LOA Started in 2015 , i was a Baccalaureate student in Tunisia , Baccalaureate  was and still a stressful and hard year of students that include a lot of serious and hard exams, if you get more than 10/20 ( it's 50% for others countries ) you succeed and you be eligible to study at the university.

To be honest i wasn't a good student , specially i was so much focusing on other important things ( for me ) like coding and programming , i was spending all my time with my laptop writing hundreds of lines of codes without studying anything ..
So my first Baccalaureate year was in 2015 , i failed with a final mark of 9.20 / 20 ( 46% ) and everything started from there ..
Note : The Baccalaureate exams was a list of 7 different subjects ( like math , physics , French , English .. )

At the next year , when i started studying my second Baccalaureate year , i had some questions from teachers and others students like " how your first year what , is it hard , what was your final mark " , and then i decided to tell them a wrong number to make them a little bit wondering and surprised , i used to tell them that i got a 9.98 at the final mark ( the real mark was 9.20 ) and here in Tunisia if you get 10 you succeed , so from 9.98 to 10 is just a 0.02 , and you can get easily 0.02 if you had +1 correct answer in any of the 7 exams , so for them it was , OMG , poor Ali , you was too near , just 0.02 separated you from passing the year ( it's 0.1% for other countries ) you will repeat a whole year because of 0.02 ..

I was telling this lie for everyone who ask me what was your marks since my result day where i got the 9.20 and for the whole year ( my second year ) till I BELIEVED MY LIE , yes i repeated it to a lot of people till it was like my real mark for me , I believed that i got 9.98 Unconsciously..

So the second year passed and my final exams was in June 2016 ..
I tested the 7 exams and i was waiting for my final marks

At the morning on the 2th of July 2016 , i received an SMS ( Here the government send the results by SMS )
And when i opened it to check my marks imaging what i found :
YES !! i got 9.98 in my second year!
My lie converted into a reality !
i focused on it the whole year , and i believed it ..
Guys believe me , if you repeat it 100 times , you can never get a mark exactly as you want , it's 7 long and hard exams , and even by chance i'll never get the exact mark that was in my mind !

So , i was depressed , and i was like into a nightmare ! i can't believe that my lie is a reality now and i have to repeat a 3rd year with a 9.98 as i used to say to people ( i'm repeating my 2nd year because i failed last year with 9.98 )

I was so depressed because i was too near to succeed , just 0.02 .. but this was the beginning of a life changing story!
I Was wondering if what happen to me was by chance or something related to my thoughts and what i believed and said to my entourage .. i opened my laptop and i made a lot of search till i found something called " Law of Attraction " , " Everything you believe , focus on , feel it , convert into your real life ) ..

Since then i decided to use it to help me not against me ..
To make it shorter , LOA helped me a lot with my 3rd year to succeed , and i want to let you know that i got a great mark ( 15.26 ) and i got a scholarship to continue my education in Europe ..
my last 4 years was a life changing after i meet with this Amazing secret !

I know many of you guys will not believe my story , but yes it's real and happened , i had other amazing events in my last 4 years attracted by the help of this secret , i hope soon i'll post more about them.

Thank's for reading


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