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Author Topic: End your suffering and desire to be perfect NOW (a book recommendation)  (Read 360 times)

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I am thrilled to recommend an AMAZING book to you guys. Normally, I am not into self-help books because I find them to be kind of cliched, but this one is seriously transforming my life. I used to constantly be depressed or anxious, and would never live in the moment. Or even worse, I would daydream all the time about having the perfect life, which created high expectations and way less life satisfaction. In other words, I would fail to ACCEPT WHAT IS. Acceptance seems like a sin in the LOA community, because apparently, you need to be completely sure that what you want will happen, so you do not feel the need to accept the unwanted situation. However, this creates fear in most people's lives, and also puts a subconscious belief in your head that there is absolutely no way you can go on with your current situation if it doesn't change for the better.

Eckhart Tolle's "The Power of Now" talks about the importance of living in the moment. He recommends his readers to "turn off their mind" when they are not using it for practical purposes, such as work. When you are constantly living in the moment, becoming aware of your sense perceptions and feeling the aliveness in your body, you are not thinking about the past or the future, which takes up the majority of our minds.

I highly, highly recommend you try this. From the moment you read this, try to stay in the moment as much as possible. DO NOT daydream, or think about any situation too much. Just be completely aware that you are living in the now. Someone made a bad comment about you just seconds ago? Who cares, that is in the past now. All you ever have is the present moment. This process also helps in ego death and gets rid of the fear that most humans have of things not working out. You are then able to pursue goals and dreams from a place of pure joy, and not think of them as a way to make you complete.

I especially wanted to recommend this book here, because I know of a lot of people who have become restless trying to get LOA to work. I personally became more desperate and depressed when I discovered LOA because I became OBSESSED with it, which is unhealthy. Take a step back and relax. You deserve peace, which can only be found in the NOW.

I really hope you check the book out. There are free PDFs of the book online. And if you have read it, tell me what you think. I also want to read "A New Earth" by him.

Imagine if you could truly enjoy every single moment of your lives by accepting what is, and feeling the peace from within. Feels liberating, huh?


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