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Author Topic: Welcome to the age of Aquarius  (Read 153 times)

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Welcome to the age of Aquarius
« on: July 20, 2019, 04:22:43 PM »
Hello everyone, I’m Nick D, author of a feeling of belonging, which is a complete guide on how to deliberately attract and manifest that provides the science and detailed-application techniques without the guesswork.

Because we have all been swamped with false promises over the years and burnt from them, I will do more than tell you how great my system is.

Instead, I am offering the “crude version” of my system for FREE so you can try it out for yourself, have fun with it, and watch it work. I'm going to give you the main applications, rules, and laws as well as some of the science of how it all works, which will be in audio-format.

There are 22 audio-editions totaling 11.5 hours. If you subtract the time I put into promoting and explaining the advantages of my book “mainly in the intro” you will have 11hours and 15 minutes of solid content, so believe me when I say that I'm NOT offering an infomercial.

Within the audios, you will get more than enough to experiment with the concepts and see them work for yourself. 

You will learn:
*How to figure out what you truly desire according to your unique spiritual thumbprint, as opposed to what you think you should desire or are “supposed” to desire.

*The 8 compartments that are in full effect during all of your attractions and manifestations, whether you are aware of them or not.

*How to maximize the potential of each of the 8 compartments to create a lucid experience, and how to manifest from each individual compartment, if the other compartments are in good standing.

*The different states of mind you must shift through during the entire manifestation process and when you should shift your state of mind. Your intentions must remain solid but your state of mind must transition in order to successfully “ride the wave.”

*The 3 different platforms you can begin attracting and manifesting from, and how to know which one to start from, according to where you presently are at.

*The quantum collapse-ratio formula and an explanation of how your thoughts materialize in your physical reality. You will learn how and when to utilize this crucial formula so as to allow your thoughts the necessary freedom needed to manifest into your reality without hindrance.

*The universal law of incompletion. How to create voids in your life in a way that will allow more desireable circumstances to fill in your created, open space.

*The correct state of mind you should have when focusing on an outcome you desire, so you can easily let it go and “allow” it to work to your advantage.

*Why you shouldn't force or include emotions in your focus when attempting to deliberately attract and manifest.

*Why you don't have to visualize when focusing on a specific outcome, and how to focus correctly so you get results fast.

*A basic blueprint on how to create powerful and effective affirmations that will work for you instead of against you, or not at all.

*How to instill your self-made affirmations in your mind with no effort or downtime. The only effort and downtime needed will be when you create your affirmations, and that’s it. 

*How to get out of the murk of confusion, or being lost, by finding your reference point and by following a solid routine to keep you on the path to better.

*How to create a subconscious coach who will encourage you to stay on the path to better.

*About the contracts you are bound to, according to unwritten agreements you made with other co-creators, physical items, and experiences. How to create them, how to end them, how to breach them, and how to keep them intact.

*How to get rid of pesky, unwanted individuals from your current reality by deliberately breaching your co-creator contract with them. How to avoid attracting nuisance people like this in your future experiences and how to draw in co-creators who resonate with you so your experiences are more fulfilling.

*How to be magnetic in a way that will only allow others to see the qualities in you that you appreciate the most by using the “I AM” technique.

*How to remove the sludge that covers and hinders your amazingly great traits and qualities, allowing you to be uniquely you. This also includes the great traits and characteristics you have always had, that you never knew about.

*How to find those great qualities, deep within you, that make you who you truly are and were meant to be, by doing no more than observing your co-creators.

*A simple mindset that will position you in a way that won't let life or others catch you off guard, ever again.

*About karma and truth as it pertains to deliberate attraction and manifestation.

*How to give in a way that will yield the highest returns without being punished or taken advantage of.

*The not-so-attractive truths about deliberate attraction and manifestation, that once accepted will make your journey a lot smoother. You will also learn a few truths about money, intimate relationships, and your destiny that you should be aware of to make your journey less disappointing.

*How to collapse and void-out a previously made self-sabotaging focus before it manifests into your life.

*The pitfalls and setbacks you will encounter during the transitioning process, that is evident of the changes taking place. These “setbacks” will become your newfound confidence once you are able to identify them.

*I left a few things out, but that’s the gist of it.

At this point, you're probably wondering what the catch is.

There is no catch, but there is a motive and this is what it is:

Some of you will want nothing more than to dabble, explore and have fun with these methods of application. Some of you are doing very well with where you are at, and only need a boost in a few areas. If this is you, then you will get more than enough from my audio-editions.

On the other hand, some of you have an agenda in life and need a major overhaul. Some of you want to understand the true science behind deliberately attracting and manifesting, along with a solid set strategy, without any guesswork. Some of you need a solid system that will synergize with your current lifestyle and get you to specific goals quicker. In other words, some of you want to be skilled enough to acquire finesse. Finesse is critical because finesse is the fine line that separates the expert and the master.

That said, the audios will help you become an expert.

If you are a person who wants to achieve personal mastery with as little downtime as possible, then you will be given everything you need in the audios to see the magic work for yourself and be confident enough to purchase my book which is a system I meticulously put together that explains how to apply the applications with full efficiency. 

In conclusion, if you just listen to my audios and apply the methods, then what you are going to get will be nothing short of interesting and life-changing. In other words, you WILL see results and your life WILL change.

Therefore, if you really want to know how to attract and manifest deliberately without the blindfold, then listen to the audios and give it a shot. All of the fundamentals are there. The audios will give you everything you need to know to grasp the concepts.

To find my audios, visit my website at “afeelingofbelonging.com” and click the link labeled “audio series.” From there you can either listen to the audios directly from the cloud host site that the links will transfer you to, or you can download them onto any device of your choice to listen to at your convenience. The audios “should” create a new genre on your device labeled “law of manifestation” for ease of access and organization.



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