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Author Topic: LOA Multiplied  (Read 537 times)

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LOA Multiplied
« on: July 06, 2019, 12:27:00 PM »
Well   A  long story short...I have been using the LOA with Ritual and energy  and color...As you all know the book on Hermetics gives you awesome information that you can manipulate...And yes I am using techniques bettered from other book writers and their books and techniques...My Concentration is the lottery..This is my field of interest...Simply in the last month I got new Big screen Samsung TV ...Free,...that I wanted...New Phone I wanted ....my phone is so awesome...No I didn't want an I phone nor a Samsung...I actually wanted a Chinese phone it is Advanced Camera UMIDIGI....My Umidigi phone is so awesome I don't know what to get for it to protect it...I want to keep it forever...Guitar case I wanted and the guitar that came with it...I was to order a hard case, I had a cloth case already...but it was winter here in Canada I slipped on Ice and I almost lost my new Fender Acoustic Electric Guitar I manifested for my birthday..I got the case for free with another guitar in it,,,Anyways in the end I ended up selling the guitar for $600.00 but in the end, my thoughts were on the case that's what I wanted for my Fender guitar...So yes I manifested and got the case like I wanted in the first place...So now yes I got extra cash from another source for a free trip to Europe...I am going to Paris as that is my first stop 2 weeks in Spain and Rome than I go to Croatia where my heart is...I manifested a condo in Croatia along the Island of PAG....2 years ago  It is mine and I cannot wait to go there..So Yes 2 months Vacation...Thank you LOA ...What you think is what you get...now always think positive and in my case I do manipulate the LOA in my favor...It is energy with Ritual...Remember  Ritual!!!Just thought I would put my happiness on the forum..I will be Off the forum MIA for the next 2 months...I just may browse through if I do get a phone there ...but not taking my Umidigi phone through the airport..not a chance....


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