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Author Topic: Hearing a certain song. Weird story  (Read 824 times)

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Hearing a certain song. Weird story
« on: March 13, 2019, 06:22:40 AM »
Someone please help me make sense of this I find it weird. I had a dream ages ago and was a song playing in my dream I woke up went to work and told people I love the song but can't remember name etc forgot about it then on way home it started playing and said name of song at end. Thought was a bit weird as I don't hear it often and only takes ten mins in car so don't hear many songs. Few weeks later my ex dumps me and I go see him to have lke a final talk and the song started playing then. Didn't hear song again I don't think til like a month later we broke up again!! I was heartbroken and my mate said let's watch a film n she said do I want to watch city of angels which the song is from as I had told her about it or sme other film said I can't decide literally second I said it I turned car on and that song was play so we said we'll that's chose it for us. I found it very strange. I have never heard the song since and it must have been like almost a year. I got in car two days ago and it played again soon as I got in. Thought wow maybe it isn't anything spooky as this time it wasn't linked to anything like the movie suggestion was and my dream. Got in work and had it on my mind a bit kinda dissapointed then a custimer shouts her child who was called iris the name of the song. I find it weiRd given I have never heard anyone called that and she happen to shout it literally half hour after I heard the song iris again after soo long. The same day my bf had really annoyed me and I told myself don't kick off as hearing the song brought back memories of our other two split ups. However I ignored it and kicked off to which he ended it with me and has made it clear this is it now and I believe him. I feel like this song is made to be a sign but I don't know what sign!! Was it a warning not to do past mistakes or did I hear it again because we were kind of destined to be over and it's like the universe saying it doesn't work with us.

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Re: Hearing a certain song. Weird story
« Reply #1 on: March 16, 2019, 12:54:27 AM »
Seems like the Universe is there for you, warning you of what you are manifesting. For you to be aware of your dreams so vividly also means you have your chakras activating, im assuming you practice yoga? Sorry to hear about this but your best bet right now is just healing, dont let negative emotions drag you down


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