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Author Topic: Success Story 3-Start,create and maintain a new relationship with the man I love  (Read 762 times)

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Hello All

So, in response to my thread http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=26981.0 , I am here posting my success story 3 and I am committed to updating it everyday with the changes and the progress that I have made and the techniques that I am going to use.

Start, create and maintain a new, loving, healthy relationship with the man I am in love with.

It is because of this person and this break up that I am identifying and bringing about the changes in my life. I am all for free will and not pressurizing someone to be with you but I really think we were the victims of bad timing and and my obsessive negative thinking.

Since I think the relationship deserves one more chance and since I have always had a gut feeling saying we are meant to be, I am going to work on this too. If nothing else, I will learn how to truly love someone and let them go (how I am choosing to look at it).

I am not going to get into the relationship history but lets just say there was a lot of love AND a lot of self induced negativity and doubt that ruined what could have been. There was love and there still is.

As of today, we are not together and I think it is great because now I get to start a new and an improved relationship with him once both of us grow into our own complete circles.

So, here is what I am going to do:

1. LOVE MYSELF: Going to place myself on my pedestal and not going to let any person or situation bring my love for self down.
2. WORK ON MYSELF: We are the only person who we live with till the last day of our lives. Might as well be a person we enjoy living with.
3. Affirmations
4. EFT
5. Ho'oponopono
6. Switchwords
7. Light a candle and send loving vibes
8. Read: http://www.powerlawofattraction.com/forum/index.php?topic=10177.0
9. Guided Visualisations:
   - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rru3QwlTF1Y
   - https://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-5195/Easy-Meditation-Technique-to-Heal-Relationships.html
   - https://www.thisamericangirl.com/2015/08/31/relationship-healing-meditation/
   - https://www.yogajournal.com/meditation/7-meditations-relationship-problems
10. I have worked on a list of things where I think I went wrong and I am going to work on those shortcomings and reminders.
11. Maintain a gratitude, forgiveness and appreciation journal.
12. When he comes back (he always does, and I know, he will come back this time too. I only have to make this relationship free of the baggage we have both been carrying for long), I will make sure I speak about and address issues that I did not in the past, for whatever reasons, so we can both start afresh.
13. Also reading about NAPs, may or may not go for it.
14. Have faith and stay happy.
15. Stop speaking with Tarot Card Readers and Astrologers.

I also promise to keep updating this post after he comes back and we make up. :)

I have the pictures up on my vision board too.

Love and Light to all.
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Day 1:

Did the following things:

- Affirmations
- Ho'oponopono
- Switchwords
- Light a candle and send loving vibes
- Guided meditation for healing a relationship
- gratitude, forgiveness and appreciation journal entry for the day.

I am still frequently taken over by doubt, negative feelings and reminded of things that make me think it is too difficult for us to ever be in a harmonious and truly loving relationship in the long run, because of the history that we have, but I am trying to get a hold of these feelings first and one at a time letting them go from my system.

One day at a time.

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I found very interesting your post. I deal with the "similar problem" to attract a specific person. I' ll try to implement your "guidelines" especially the method of ho'oponopono that I believe that contribute to calm myself.

Have nice time,
Mary Mary :) :)

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Thank You and All the best to you. :)

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Did the following things:

- Affirmations
- Ho'oponopono everytime a negative thought came and took over.
- Switchwords - read up on them.
- Light a candle and send loving vibes
- gratitude, forgiveness and appreciation journal entry for the day
- Read extensively about RS - did a session but it somehow did not feel right. I dont think I will continue with this. It feels like imposing my desire on someone else, when I come to think of it, even using the LoA seems like Imposing my desire on him (We have not spoken for the last 8 days and I dont know if he is missing me, I had told him that if he is sure we are not meant to be then I would appreciate us not talking to each other, he messaged thereafter and called a few times the next day - i responded on text and ended the conversation myself. He has not contacted ever since and I started this process after all of this.)

I do get the doubts and worry sometimes that this might affect us negatively in the long run.

I get this thought often and I would really appreciate any of the people reading this to answer my question.

Would really, really appreciate any feedback.
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