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Author Topic: Continue RS or dropping it for non RS LOA only?  (Read 422 times)

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Continue RS or dropping it for non RS LOA only?
« on: January 31, 2019, 12:25:38 AM »
it's more than a week i dropped anything RS and RI to focus only on classic LOA stuff or Neville's (i do it before to sleep with music or an hour before sleeping because i fall asleep quickly and i can't do much). It seems when you drop everything that is RS in case everything doesn't work or you get big resistance would work miracles or i'm wrong?I can still feel stuff from solar plexus in a way and the strong feelings are more mitigated and less intense, dreams about SP got a bit more frequent and signs come, not angel numbers or similar useless stuff: i mean signs i don't ask for like LOA posts telling me "i'm in the right track" in places where i don't expect them coming (tumblr for ex) while i scroll for stuff that is totally unrelated LOA stuff or poems. Should i continue with only non RS LOA or continue RS? I tried everything RS and i just build a wall instead and make my SP scared or something, despite i KNOW what he feels by telepathy. Or maybe the "he doesn't contact me" that blocked everything and not RS? I feel a bit confused about it because some suggest to not give up RS and some say when you don't do it anymore your SP would come sooner or later.
All the other things i manifested (money, items and similar) are so easy to come instantanely, when you use LOA with people (be it specific or not) it's more difficult because i have some resistance.
The universe sent to me another person lately instead of my SP lol, too bad i don't feel anything past friendship. The universe gonna test me many times  :D.

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Re: Continue RS or dropping it for non RS LOA only?
« Reply #1 on: May 11, 2019, 02:43:14 PM »
Yes Totally drop the RS!!!!!  if you want to test it out test it on someone you don't love...Otherwise you will be doing RS for months and years, as they tell you keep doing it....Well I've got top experience and tried and tested with over 200 girls..I'm not bragging but I've done the Remote Viewing in Portland Oregon and I am certified Psychic remote viewer and ...toppps!!!  I prefer a better way than that, because of other things Ive learned along the way...Newbies that come here looking for quick ways to get their ex back ..Block everything that is positive, and their mind or brain only jumps to what they want to hear...Amagri Hillier who wrote 1 effen book..Yet Laura de giorgio and Wendy Friesen and Lanie Stevens are still active, Yet their brain only takes in what they want to hear and that is Magic Touch that works to get the person a few times and then after that they come back for more and feel sorry for the looser that's obsessed with them..Yes the girls will flaunt cause they know you love them...but in the end keep on trying and they go find somebody they know ...and get pregnant ..thanks to you....So in the end ...Try  Magic touch and Remote seduction ..but try it on someone you don't love...otherwise they will back away from you so fast...and see for yourself after a few times...the person you dream about finds love fast and comes back to impress you with anybody else but you...The Law of Attraction is the way things work...The way we are trained to bring things every day to us...It Is the Law of the Universe..In my experience ..Yes you can bend it ..but we have not been taught to live that way...so that works on a normal persons thinking in every day life..can it be enforced more powerful maybe 1000 times more ...yes ...it can be bent...but for everyday people's lives, if you follow some of the suggestions and common sense you can achieve things in your benefit...Any way, I don't write or come back on this forum very much any more because I get pissed off with these newbies who are brainwashed by Amagri Hillier's book ..that's made him money... and where is he know...So once in a while if I have a few drinks I go back and laugh at these beginners who are on their way of finding and wasting their time dreaming day after day about someone they love, which just makes them even more obsessed with that person...And the person will strongly strongly block them and try to get away from the as hard as possible...Trust me I've been there...So in conclusion to your question, and sorry for the long write up...Try Magic touch as much as you want ...test it always...but don't ever do it on someone you love unless you both already are together and just having some fun...

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Re: Continue RS or dropping it for non RS LOA only?
« Reply #2 on: May 22, 2019, 04:58:41 AM »
I used to live in Portland, Oregon, now living in Los Angeles.  What is Magic Touch? And would you say RS works on someone you just want to seduce? Not fall in love with?


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