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Author Topic: What You Believe VS. The Beliefs of Others  (Read 157 times)

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What You Believe VS. The Beliefs of Others
« on: January 11, 2019, 01:00:49 AM »
One thing that is hard for people to grasp is that it is "YOUR" thoughts and how "YOU" think them, that attracts and ultimately creates your dream life, or your nightmare life depending on the way you're thinking. It is not the way others think of you, it is not what the self proclaimed gurus say, it is all about you. Like a child, "Me, Me, Me, Mine, Mine, Mine." The gurus, swamis, and spiritual advisors sever only as inspiration. Inspiration that we should be grateful for. But, aside from Wanting, Believing, and Receiving, there are really no rules on how you should manifest.

For example: If I want something, and I believe that soaking a banana in pickle juice and rubbing it all over my private parts, and then dancing in the rain, will get me what I want, then I will receive it. It is as simple as that.

Let me explain:
The Law of Attraction hinges on thoughts and feelings.  Specifically YOUR thoughts and feelings. Knowing that, wouldn't it be true that no matter my ritual. As long as I believe, whether negatively or positively charged, I will receive more of the same. As I am dancing in the rain, I believe with all my heart that I will receive the one thing I want, and I focus my feelings on that, then I will receive.

Now...If I tell you that my ritual is the only way that you can attract your desires and you try it, all the while thinking it won't work and you're only succeeding at making your self look like a fool. Then guess what! It won't work and you will look like a fool.

The law of Attraction absolutely depends on thoughts, feelings and belief. But, never let anyone tell you that their way is the only way that works and you have to follow their guidelines or else you will fail. People who go out of their way to tell you that your way is wrong and their way is right are only trying to sell you something. I mean, would you buy that super cool magical 10 page book for $47 dollars marked down from the extremely fair price of $97, if you knew that you could do things your own way? Of course you wouldn't. You'd be dancing in the rain with banana rubbed all over, and truly happy in the belief that your way works.

I don't know where I heard it but my favorite saying is, "It does not matter at all what the truth is, the only thing that matters is that you believe it."

1. Ask
3. Receive
Number two is the most important, because this is what causes inspired action which is the mechanism, fueled by thoughts and feelings, that gets you from where you are, to where you want to be.

The universe works in wonderful ways to give you the things that you truly desire. It changes things and moves stuff into the perfect alignment. A creation just for you, from you.

It does not matter how or when things will happen. Whether it is by following the path laid out by others or by making up your own wonderful system. It only matters THAT it will happen. As long as you believe THAT it will happen, everything will fall into place. Well, everything that your are thinking will fall into place. So lets hope your prevailing thoughts are not of becoming a serial killer, or a serial cheater, or a serial drunk dialing fool, or a serial self proclaimed master who only bashes on people and their thoughts in forums. We've all stumbled across them a time or two.

May your days be filled with your wildest dreams.

Have a wonderful day.

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Re: What You Believe VS. The Beliefs of Others
« Reply #1 on: January 11, 2019, 11:31:08 AM »
Ah, this is Chapter 2 ? And what is the title of this chapter : Inspired action?

You are not even original in the stuff you dish out. C'mon, be inspired by Esther Hicks. She came up with "the vortex" and "rockets of desire". Keep things interesting -come up with something new!

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  • Lolozapata: What he says and what he does are on complete different levels.
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  • Alexbally: Oh dear, let's not confuse discipline with telling people how they have to live their lives shall we please.
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  • Brighton: Just checked - we've been waiting for over a year, Bally. lol
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  • Brighton: Hardcore discipline is not fascism, Bally. Btw, we're still waiting for you to put up you post. Need more time to figure it out ? Unless of course, as Ratums said, you are just a posing like the frog.
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  • Alexbally: Keep up the good work  ;D
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