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Author Topic: Feeling appreciation for myself and others  (Read 94 times)

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Feeling appreciation for myself and others
« on: December 02, 2018, 03:27:18 PM »
Summary: This post is about how I ask myself "Isn't it good that I have x?" in order to go from being irritated or grumpy to feeling appreciation and love. I explain how it works for me using two examples, despite how resistant I used to be to feeling appreciative

I was under the impression I am not someone who tends to have many negative thoughts or feelings of lack, but upon paying closer attention to my thoughts, I realise I do indeed have quite a few negative thoughts and sometimes even find it difficult to feel happy for others! I was truly surprised at how much got past my attention before.

I always had trouble with being appreciative on purpose (never quite got the idea of rampages of appreciation etc), until one day I felt inspired to think of things I 'like' and expand on everything I like about it and why I like it so much, and before long, I love just about everything. The feeling of liking something really put me in high spirits. However, some days I just don't feel it, and even trying to think of anything I like and mustering that feeling of 'like' feels like an annoying chore.

A better way I use now is to look at something (anything) and ask myself, "Isn't it a good thing, that I have this?" Let's take a towel as an example. Here' a real-life example of how that went.

"Isn't it a good thing I own a towel?"
Yeah....., I guess so? It's certainly not a bad thing. Yeah, it is indeed a good thing. Aren't there people who don't have this luxury? Wow, I am truly grateful for this! Isn't it so comforting when I step out of the shower and wrap it around myself? Isn't it nice how it's heavy enough to dry myself, but not too heavy? Doesn't it have just the right amount of slight roughness along with the softness? Isn't my towel just WONDERFUL!  :o ?

I find this method works better because it doesn't force me to jump to a vibration of appreciation straight away from one of annoyance or irritation. Instead, this allows me to start off rather pessimistically, and slowly climb my way up.

Here's another example of how I could feel happy for others. I was watching this video of a celebrity couple showing off their home because I intend to have a nice new home in future and wanted to get a feel for that. However I caught myself looking at the negatives instead.

My thoughts were more like, "Are they really that happy or are they just putting it on for the camera? What's it with celebrity couples and divorces? Let me analyse their body language. Some people just do anything to show off their wealth?" and so on. But then I stopped myself. In addition to not feeling good about my thoughts, how can I hope to attract improved relationships and luxuries into my life, when I am in a vibration that doesn't appreciate that in others?

So I asked myself, "Isn't it a good thing they are in a good, happy relationship?"
Sure, I mean would I rather they be in pain and misery? Of course not! It's a great thing they have such a lovely family! It's a good thing they found each other and have built a home together that they are proud of. Isn't it sweet how they found the time to work on it together? Isn't it wonderful they have such a beautiful home, they are proud to show off? Isn't it through videos like these that I get the ideas for my own dream home? Aren't we all one, and aren't they extensions of me? Am I not oh so proud that extensions of me have attracted so much love and beauty and abundance into their physical experience?

And so on it went and I felt nothing but love for them and their home and I couldn't have been happier for them. It feels good because we are all natural born appreciators and lovers, and it is when we do that, that we are truest to ourselves  :)

I intend that this post finds everyone who could use this to feel better. Let me know of any negative thoughts or whatever, that you were able to turn around by asking, "Isn't it good....?" or whatever method you use and share the positivity!  :D


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