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Author Topic: Eft,Sedona like techniques and LOA  (Read 184 times)

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Eft,Sedona like techniques and LOA
« on: November 02, 2018, 06:13:14 AM »
I have some very strong obsessions/hatred about some things.I go to a psychiatrist and he gives me antidepressants and he sometimes change them.Although antidepressants reduces some of my other psychological problems and also reduces the intensity of my obsessions/hatred, the antidepressants are far from eliminating them.

I sometimes use EFT for a few days.For example, I look at photos of something which I hate and while looking at I tap on those specific points on my face,body and hands.It clearly reduces the intensity of my obsessions/hatreds in a few days and I start to think that this technique may end my psychological problems.But in those days if I encounter with what I was tapping about,on internet or streets or television, I worry that focusing on them/the things I hate caused me to encounter with them and I stop using EFT.This happened too many times that I couldn't count. Though actually, many times even just visualizing(without using eft or others) positive things caused  the direct opposite of what I visualized ( one of the worst one was, I had visualized me and my family had won 1 million dollars and that we were so happy with that money, but in a few weeks I had heard the news that a bank sent us a mail which told we had 1 million dollars debt to them, it was related to my father's old company and although he had left the company many years before, he was still looking warrenter to the debts the company did in later years.)

After watching a short therapy video on internet which includes Eye Movement Desentization and Reprocessing technique, I tried it  and for me it was even faster than eft, it reduced the intensity of my obsession/hatred quicker.I had used it for 2 days but unfortunately the next day I encountered with what/who I hate and I decided that this technique too causes me to attract what I focus on while doing this technique.

I want to heal my obsessions/hatreds with these techniques because they are really effective at reducing the intensity but at the same time I think like using them cause me to attract things which I focused on during using them.

What are your experiences with those techinques(eft,sedona,eye movement desentization and reprocessing,quantum entrainment or similar ones) and what do you think about them related to LOA?

Also do you know techniques to heal your own hatreds/obsessions/other psychological problems without focusing on them?


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