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Author Topic: How to attract only a sexual relationship? Is that possible? Help please.  (Read 1756 times)

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Hi, i was wondering, i have a friend who is constantly having sex with girls. He said he has sex like 3 times a week and
they are all different girls.  How is he able to attract so much sex into his life? 

I know that you can attract a specific person by wanting a loving relationship with the girl, But what if you just want a "sexual" relationship with a specific girl? 

Q1.  Is it possible to attract only a "sexual" relationship with a specific girl and how would you just attract
only a sexual relationship with that girl? 

Q2. Also i have attracted a girl using loa and she does like me and she's willing to see me, so i know that i have her,
But since i'm practicing the letting go part like you're supposed to and i'm not being desperate about it,
i thought i'd try attract a different girl while i wait. 

So i saw a different girl that i like and i'd like to know how i can attract only a "sexual" relationship with this other girl? 
Is that possible and how? 

Can you please give me some advice or an article on this forum about attracting a sexual relationship that i could read? 
I've researched using the search box about sex, but nothing specific comes up. 


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Let me try and understand. You have a specific person in mind that you want to have sex with but not a relationship? What is her views on sex and relationships? From my own point of view I would not have casual sex, so I'd be interested to see how that would work if someone for example tried to RS me for that purpose. They wouldn't succeed.

An interesting question! I'm saying no more 😉

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Re: How to attract only a sexual relationship? Is that possible? Help please.
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2018, 01:56:04 PM »
Focus on what you want and not on what you dont want. So just tell your story that You want a sexual relationship. And just stop focusing on attracting girls who want relationships.

There are plenty of girls who just want one-night stands and not looking for a boyfriend. So when you focus on that you will attract them.

On a practical note, you can try apps like Tinder - which focuses mostly on hookups. Most people there understand that most people are not looking for relationships. All the best. Have fun.

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Hey sorry for the late reply, but can you tell us, have you managed to attract in your life those girls who are just for one night? Or you are in a relationship? You know, now I'm "sitting" on a dating site and I would like to find someone but I don't need a serious relationship. My friends think that I'm very lonely and that I need someone. So they shared this disabilitymatch.co.uk site and told me, at least, to try. I cannot love myself how can I love someone else?! So the only thing that I want now is that I'll be able to find someone for a night. How can I explain this to a girl to the other part of the screen?
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