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Author Topic: I read this and - hmmm - what do others think to this philosophy?  (Read 207 times)

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The last several years have brought unexplainable sorrow, fear, disappointment and crushed dreams. There were countless days, months in fact, I thought I would never be able to feel truly happy again, much less love my life.

Yet over time, through a lot of faith and tears, God helped me accept that although I couldnít change the circumstances I found myself in, I could change how I reacted to them. I realized Iíve been given one life to live ó this life ó and I could either continue to allow adversities to have power over my happiness, or I could embrace Godís promise for abundant life and make it a reality in my own. The choice was mine.

In John 10:10a, Jesus explains thereís a thief who seeks to steal, kill and destroy us. But in John 10:10b, Jesus declares He came to earth so we could not only live life but live it abundantly despite the thiefís intentions. ďI came that they may have life and have it abundantlyĒ (John 10:10b). Here we see the contrast between the destroyer of happiness and the Giver of joy.

Jesus was explaining He is the answer to experiencing the best life possible despite what life throws at us. He is what gives our lives meaning and joy.

Choosing to learn to love my life, even if it wasnít the life I had imagined, was the best choice Iíve ever made. It wasnít always easy, but as I intentionally chose to let Jesus be the source of my joy, even in the midst of less-than-joyful circumstances, my perspectives and feelings changed for the better.

The life you have today, and all it includes or doesnít include, is the life God has given you. Itís the life youíre supposed to love, despite what it looks like. Itís the only life you have, and the only life youíre going to get. You can live it abundantly with joy based on Christ alone or let life pass you by as you allow problems, disappointments or drudgery to steal your zest for living.

I now realize it was not only within my reach to love my life again and live it abundantly, but 100 percent within my control, as it is for you.

Your happiness is up to you.

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Yep, I think we need to make peace with the now rather than resist it.  What we resist persists.  If we're at peace with what is, it will be easier to attract or manifest a better reality.  Like Bashar says, "circumstances don't matter, only state of being matters".

I see it as a choice between the ego and the spirit, our false self and true self, fear and love.  The ego is the false self, or the separate personal self that we think we are.  It is the thief that seeks to steal, kill and destroy. 

The spirit, that which we truly are, gives us life abundantly.  Jesus says in the bible that "it is not me that says these things, but he who speaks through me" (the Spirit).  So it is the Spirit that says "I come that they may have life and have it abundantly". 

Peace, love, and joy is the natural state of the Spirit.  Jesus said "heaven is within".  Byron Katie says, "peace is who you are without your story".  The ego has always got a story that it uses to rob us of our peace of mind.  "I'm not good enough, I'm unworthy, I'm a loser, my life sucks", whatever...

What is your story?  What is your self-talk?  What is the ego uses against you?  Letting go of this garbage in each moment is the work and purpose of any true spiritual path. 

A Course In Miracles says, "You don't get to heaven by death, but by truth".  It is the truth that will set you free.  If you're rooted in the ego (false self) in life, then you'll still be rooted in ego when you cross over.  But if you let go of the ego and its stories while you're here, then you won't have to return here again, and you won't have to die before experiencing heaven.

This is what I believe anyway. :)


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