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Author Topic: Feeling confused on how to proceed  (Read 468 times)

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Feeling confused on how to proceed
« on: July 10, 2018, 07:49:16 AM »

Iíll try to be short with my story. I was friends with someone for years who finally convinced me to date him.  He said and did everything right, I was never so happy even though it was long distance. We confided In each other and I felt connected to him. We went away together and he disappeared shortly thereafter, i confronted him on his disappearance and he responded briefly asking what he did wrong and then disappeared again. I found out later he had gone on vacation with a random woman he met on the internet (escort)  which makes me sick.  Iíve been trying to figure out ways to move past it. It left me feeling awful, not pretty enough, and abandoned.

My rational side says boy bye but the heart connected part says that the feelings and connection we had werenít all an illusion. Perhaps I am naive and Iíve fallen victim to a narcissistic womanizer, I donít know really.
Iíve cried for a week straight over the loss and betrayal and now Iím shifting my mindset with eft sessions (to addresss my self worth and get it back up to homeostasis after this incident)  LOA to just feel better, subliminals to improve myself  and some ri techniques to get him to return with a minimum of an apology (this is where I feel conflict. I am questioning my self esteem because this is probably not someone I should want back.  Im operating under the assumption that LOA can change my reality aka change his deeply flawed character.

I welcome all feedback and suggestions.  Please be kind I am still fragile from this.

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Re: Feeling confused on how to proceed
« Reply #1 on: August 28, 2019, 02:59:40 PM »
Love comes and goes, that's a lesson you should have learned a long time ago. You two weren't married, you don't have children together, he's just a passenger through your life. I guess he wasn't happy with you, that's why he has chosen to spend time with an escort. If she's an escort for real, then they won't be together for long, since she's paid for entertaining him. I'm not a married guy and I like to spend time with escorts too. Most of them come from sites like www.casual-escorts.com, as I'm able to see their photos before ordering. There are guys that don't like to stick to one woman, you should know that too, that's why escorts are for. You can switch them every day.

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Re: Feeling confused on how to proceed
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2019, 03:33:38 PM »
You wonít change his character, Iím afraid. He might love you (whatever that might mean)... but you canít change him.

Ok, basically here it is: a man will give you SOME things. Those things are, nice times together, good conversation, great sex, nice massages... whatever. Heíll give those pretty limitlessly if you stay Ďlight and fluffyí. That means, donít show him your other side... your deeper side. Heíll freak and run, or get bored... or frustrated ..or all of the above.

Itís a transaction. Heíll do those things for you provided you carry on making him feel good. Romantic love.. with men.. is not true friendship and never will be. I donít know if itís just in the nature of men, in the nature of male-female relationships, or because of our upbringing and that weíre taught women are supposed to make men feel good about themselves and turn them on. Full stop.

Itís a shame because on both sides weíre missing out on beauty and amazing connection and experiences. But thatís how it is and we wonít change it by wishing  :'(

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Re: Feeling confused on how to proceed
« Reply #3 on: September 04, 2019, 12:11:34 PM »
You bring to you what your mind desires my friend.....You obviously did not know him well as a friend....So If you keep thinking about this relationship you will bring things ON!!! Do you want to bring thing on? If your mind goes to say someone that looks like him in your modified version...and you become really attached to your new outcome..You might just get it!!!  Whatever you want you visualise as having....And depending on the priority, of your desire...You will achieve end results....Have Funnnnn!!! and make it simple!!!!


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