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Author Topic: What is your Favourite Book etc, and favourite way to get into 'that' state?  (Read 648 times)

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Reading around the site there are many mentions of books, authors, videos and programs that people have found helpful.
So what's your favourite book(s) etc.?

Do you have a choice way to get into that state of meditation or comfort zone? Breathing techniques?
Something I've done for years is just to breathe slowly and deeply and on each out breath, count down each time from 5 to 1 and back up again (first out breath 5, second out breath 4 and so on) and keep doing that until I'm settled in. I don't remember where I found that from but it works for me.
Another thing I do at times is to fully expel all the air ...completely... from my lungs, in some sessions I will hold each time on empty, then fully... completely... expand my lungs with air and hold each time, all equal amounts and sometimes until I feel a slight swelling and dizziness and colours in my head and then fully expel again, retracting my stomach to get the last bit of air out. After some repetitions all I feel is my body and nothing else. CAUTION. Some unusual breathing techniques may cause medical problems for some so please consider your wellbeing first.
And sometimes, I just gently breath and think what I want.

We all like to read up on techniques
What interests me at the moment is the wide array of different ways to get into the meditative state. Some things work better for one person than another and sometimes we might change to a new technique, perhaps through their ongoing development or just to experience something new.
As for people who come on here saying this or that doesn't work or that they have a hard time getting results, I wonder if the issue is that they don't get far enough into the correct mental state for it to work in the first place.

Everybody is able to create what is written about all over this forum, that has been well established and everybody who views this forum is at a different level of personal development. Some try as hard as they can and yet aren't able to recognise if they are doing techniques correctly then search for results and get disappointed.

We can all learn something new here on how to get into the best state and then to visualise.

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This isnít really an exercise or breathing technique, but I hit my vape a couples times to get a little loopy before I do a session lol. Idk why but it just helps. It feels like Iím floating.  :P

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Well that's cool, if it works, then it works  :)


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