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Author Topic: Letting go???  (Read 740 times)

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Letting go???
« on: June 14, 2018, 07:15:56 PM »
There's something i'm still quite confused about. But before i get to it:

There's something that i would like to manifest... that i know won't manifest in my physical reality tomorrow, or the day after that, or the day after that. As of right now though, it's all good. I'm okay with that for the timebeing for the reason that i knew i had to step away from it for a while because of all the anxiety i've had around this intention. This is still something i'd like to have though.

While Abraham did mention hypnosis, they've not (to my knowledge) recommended anything against using subliminal audio, which i always thought was kind of like hypnosis but at any rate, i was planning on making a subliminal... containing affirmations around not so much getting the thing or already having had the thing but more around aligning with the thing, and there's a reason for that which I hope may help other people: in using a subliminal, to say, for example, grow from being 5'7 to 6'1 and manifest already being at that height. Based on my personal experience with using subliminals, if you have underlying negative beliefs about your height, feel any negative momentum about your height, then you're not going to feel the motivation to continue listening to the subliminal regularly and consistently and using it will be counterproductive as you then might be too obsessed with seeing results, whereas, a subliminal for becoming aligned with being 6'1 while loving and appreciating your current height of 5'7 will bring you into that emotional and vibrational range to physically manifest being 6'1. Makes sense?

In a way, this is where things get a little tricky because whether i'm using or making a subliminal or not, I know Abraham spoke a bit on being attached vs. being detached. My idea of being detached was:
* accepting and awknowledging you want this thing because of your belief that you'll feel great when you're in possession of it and that it's not about the thing itself
* doing something in relation to the desire because it feels good and ONLY because of how good it feels and NEVER doing something out of trying to "force" the manifestation to happen, per se
* being in that emotional space where you don't care if it physically manifests because the emotional equivalent of this is enough, the visualizations are enough, the vibrational reality (that "vortex version" is enough)
* this relates to the last one but being okay emotionally with or without this manifesting in the physical realm

Here's the thing: sure, i do want this thing in the physical world but i want to feel great in recieving it and recieve it in a way that feels awesome, and i don't want it to come because it felt like i "forced it" somehow. It's just that I've envisioned a not-too-distant future with me having this desire, and of me going someplace, doing something as I have this particular thing. Essentially, I want this thing to manifest first, then to go to certain places, do certain things, etc. as I can't see myself doing those other things without it. I just don't feel like I'd want to. Is this detachment? I didn't want to actually delve too much into the desire i'm speaking of but for clarity sake, i'll use an example:

"I would really like to manifest this rare, floral-print, beautiful maxi dress. I plan on taking a trip to San Francisco, California but i picture myself there wearing this dress, basking in the beautiful sunny weather, sitting by the beach. I know i will be there in San Francisco one day wearing this dress. But the idea of me going there without the dress feels off-putting to me. I know i'll look incredibly beautiful in this dress. There are certain other thing i'd like to wear with this dress, a pair of shoes, a necklace even? Things i have easy access to, i'd wear with this dress."

Basically what i'm trying to figure out is, is detachment being willing to go, do, and be whatever with or without the thing manifesting? Sorry for making this so long.

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Re: Letting go???
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2018, 07:31:22 PM »
When it comes to LoA, do yourself a favour and only follow Neville Goddard and Reality Transurfing .
Forget rest of the bullshit.

What exactly is letting go?

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Re: Letting go???
« Reply #2 on: June 14, 2018, 07:49:17 PM »
Basically what i'm trying to figure out is, is detachment being willing to go, do, and be whatever with or without the thing manifesting? Sorry for making this so long.

In short, yes.

People like Abraham and even Bashar do actually have a very strong metaphysical message to portray across, as long as you can understand it properly.


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