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Author Topic: My adventure with LOA and Dreams (some insight needed) (long but positive)  (Read 270 times)

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Helloooo I am new here!  ;D
Blessings to you all!

I have been conciously creating my reality with the Universe for about a month now and so far things have been... magikal, I must say!!!


I manifested a deeply bonding experience with a close friend of mine where it resulted in me and her working on small projects, and now her and her husband want to actually hire me in their company!!! It happened EXACTLY as I imagined it happening, word for word! Also, at my actual day job my bosses have been aknowledging my progress and my work, and I see my colleagues warming up to me and me warming up to them. I even reconciliated with a coworker I am not very fond of, but hey! Aknowledgment from my superiors, team bonding with my colleagues, new freelance projects with great friends, even “surprise” manifestation of $100... all part of my “wishilist”.  You have no idea how excited and thankfull I am!

I have been practicing self-love and self-care routines almost every night, consisting of hair and face masks, dancing to Beyonce and Cardi B and watching Dr. Phill (just hear me out lmao) and I feel fucking A, and my coworkers have been saying I look happy, and sunny! I was told by multiple people how they love my laugh this past month! I have noticed men have been initiating more dialogue with me since the beginning of May, which is funny but Im not gonna complain lol. I am getting my hurr did next weekend  8)

I relearned how to love those quiet moments to myself, where i just sit in my sweatpants and watch trash TV, or when I go for a walk with happy music that makes me wanna run lol, and just feel GOOD with MYSELF.

I am researching about my interests that are directly linked to my jobs (how lucky and thankfull!) and I feel rich in knowledge. Thats something no one can take away from you, ever.


Since my vibrations have been getting higher, I decided it would be great to use it to manifest my boy back. I was needy and dependant, which manifested in him feeling pressured and asking for “space” to take care of himself.  That was two months ago. I have been having my ups and downs, but this past month I have been feeling a lot better and trusting the Universe more and more. With all that great stuff happening in my life, I feel my lows less low, and my highs higher. Im deffinetely thankfull. Creativity is really my calling, I found out, and I find my vibrations are high when I am being creative. I am also a workaholic, and i LOVE working. Thankfully, both my jobs cover those needs haha!

I am not detached yet, not fully at least, but I am getting there. I know the Universe has my back. You know when you just “know it”??? Like right before you let go?

Two months with NC from my part but we work at the same place lol. the last two weeks any contact we have is initiated by him, he is very friendly (like, following me around while doing work, or finding any excuse to talk to me). My attitude is polite and professional, not sharing much unless specifically asked to. I smile and laugh, but I am deffinetely not flirting. He even interrupts a guy that is (politely) hitting on me me at a social event (I am not flirting back, I was actually bored out of my mind and thinking of an excuse to leave and find my coworkers mid convo).  Anyway I weasel my way out while letting The Boys be Boys (nothing happens) .

I keep telling my ego to shut up and let the Universe guide us.


Last night, I had this weird dream; I “woke up” lying in bed on my back. It was dark but I recognised I was in his room. Then he stormed in the room, and he asked me with his voice cracking: “Can i ask you a legit question?” (idk why legit but im not gonna stick to that)
I said yes
And he asks me “Do you love me? For real?” and he started crying???
And I said yes
And then he collapsed on top of me, sobbing, and he said “cause I love you too, so much and Im scared”.
We were both naked, but nothing sexual about the whole dream.
It was so vivid. I felt his breath in my neck, his weight on me, my hands in his hair, even his tears???
I know with dreams what matters is what you feel not what you see,  so I felt relief, joy, bonding. Like it felt good. It felt good in my chest (right where I felt a big explosion a month ago while meditating - that one was painfull and scary lol).

I didnt try to lucid dream or do RS or anything. I just dreamt it. The last thought I remember was a string of affirmations and thank-yous. Thats it. I was surprised when I woke up in my room and not in his in the morning lol. Not sad, mind you  ;) just “huuh??”

 What to heckie is this?
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