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Author Topic: law of attraction, what do you think about this video?  (Read 198 times)

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This woman is dangerous. listening to her almost cost me my life.
She’s a cult leader and romanticizes suicide.
 If you’re checking out her content, please be safe!  :)

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Her analysis is so shallow its almost astonishing anyone can't think one step past where she's stuck. She's obviously making some good money as a "guru." She is clearly not among the non-duality teachers ... so I echo Gember's sentiment. Buyer (and no doubt that is literally what you'll be) beware.

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If you watch it with an open mind (neither leaning toward LOA or her view) you can't deny some of her points are well... on point.

She is addressing the most common misconceptions.

If you always attract things similar to your vibration, then you'd be in an endless spiral until your vibration is changed. But the real world doesn't hold up to that law.

Negative people may frame things in a negative way, but positive experiences can most certainly happen - and even often. My friend back in the day was super serious, negative, and always complained and thought the worst of everything.

Yet he's one of the luckiest people I know. It was as if the world would change itself just for him.

Good things can happen to people in negative vibrations, and can even get them out of it.

A lot of people also think bad things happen to them because the world is a mirror of them - thus if they fix themselves their world will match it. That is true - to a degree.

Tell that to all the generous souls who are brutally murdered for fun every day, stolen from, sexually abused, etc. If you seriously wanna blame these people for what's happened to them, you have a massive problem. A massive, massive problem.

There's a lot of other points she addresses which I won't touch since... she touches on them herself.

I think it's a good video, I do believe in the LOA (idc what it's called, the mind can influence reality to a degree) but I wouldn't say the LOA itself is bullshit because there is proof that it works, and that the "law" can function properly.

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I don't know who she is. But after listening to this video I can safely assume that she  perfectly fits the adage grapes are sour.

Teal Swan - Limited Law of attraction experience can be seen when she says in middle of video.

1. That law of attraction community blames people for their misfortune.
That is a very miniscule part.  Not everyone does that, everything bad that has happened because we create that reality.  She clearly misses the life cycle viewpoint .

2. When she says abt her particular court case. Her attitude towards the entire situation is how a noob would behave.

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