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Author Topic: Release the pain and be healthy  (Read 1246 times)

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Release the pain and be healthy
« on: May 06, 2018, 03:24:28 PM »
 I came across a statement which really made sense to me and I decided to share it here, (some might be interested reading this) which is, If you stay in a low state of consciousness for more than 3 months, you literally create disease in your body . It means the disease is sure to crop up into reality if you are going through a sad state of mind for 3 months ( this is the same time frame I have read about in other Loa and Rs books, if anyone noticed).
So, you can imagine how many vibrations we radiate when we dive deep into grief. Holding onto sorrow is not healthy at all. What you focus on consciously or unconsciously, you create it in your reality we all are familiar with this fact already.

If you want to be healthy, let go of the pain.

Generally, most of us do not recognize their actual state. There might be some issue, a challenge going on, and it could be a very big issue. That could be such a situation that it does not have a solution but usually we do not connect it with our health. We do not know what impact it can have on the body. There are people who have lost their loved ones, going through a bad break-ups or other loss in their life. This is not just a problem but it is a reality of their lives. When there is such a constant pain they believe that they need to live all their life with that pain. By missing them, crying over those past memories they remain in grief. The memories cannot be forgotten, thatís true. The vacuum or the emptiness in life cannot also be filled. This is a reality.
But every thought that we create after that tragedy is our choice because many other realities are to be created after this.
Emptiness is our choice.

If we remember the person with grief and pain, our thoughts will be - why did this happen with me, why did he leave me, I cannot live without him, by giving off these thoughts to the mind, body, to other people, what above is said - in 3 months you can literally create a disease.

I was watching this clip of my momís spiritual guru who mentioned this example where a couple had lost their child. They were in constant grief and pain. They mentioned that within the 6 months of the tragedy one of them has developed a particular illness. In these situations we think- No, I canít think about something good because that pain is so heavy.
So now if we do not take care, another reality will get created.
I, myself have experienced this too ( not created diseases but created other realities by feeling the constant pain and after releasing the pain, I know the difference). This is the toughest thing that can happen in anyone's life.
Absorbing grief will have an influence on the soul and the body. Now we have to sit back and reflect and we need to create the remaining realities of our choice.

we need to create the right vibrations here.
She described a short meditation that every morning sit in silence, connect to God/higher self ( whatever you prefer)  emerge that person ( whether alive or not) in your meditation take power from higher self  and radiate to that person and give him a message - wherever you are in your journey right now, you are very happy and very healthy. Do this every morning and night. This is how you can communicate with any soul on telepathic level.
we have to give this thought also to that soul that we are fine here and totally healthy. Gradually, you will start to feel good just by thinking about them and you will no longer feel the pain.
What is the reality we want, we need to create its vibration and this applies on each and every situation. Likewise, when the situation is good, if we create a wrong thought, then the situation turns negative.
Thoughts are everything.
This is pure science.
Your health, environment is getting created by thoughts. Changing the reality means, first of all changing the state of our mind.


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