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Author Topic: Abraham Hicks’ Simple Technique Of Pivoting Will Save You A Lifetime Of Trouble  (Read 940 times)

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Do you sometimes view a certain area of your life while expressing deep dissatisfaction towards it? Does anything in your life frustrate you to the point where you find yourself stuck, wishing you weren’t in your current situation?

Maybe you say something along the lines of, “I don’t want to be overweight anymore” or “I wish I wasn’t poor” or “I want this pain to go away.”

The root of your problem resides within those statements.

This issue and its remedy is explained perfectly by Abraham Hicks.

Abraham is a widely renowned and respected law of attraction teacher who has helped millions of people awaken to the fact that the reality we experience is a direct result of the thoughts that we think.

In the book “Money, and the Law of Attraction: Learning to Attract Wealth, Health, and Happiness,” Abraham suggests an activity that is so crucial to positive manifestation.

Here’s how it is explained:

The law of attraction is inclusive: It is designed to simply attract to you, more of your object of focus.
This means that the LOA cannot differentiate what is right or wrong for you and what you want or do not want. It will simply attract to your life, more of what your focus is on.

So when you say things like “I don’t want to be poor,” you are actually attracting more poverty to yourself because your attention is on the lack of money.

You can apply this model to anything in your life. Try to notice your thought patterns regarding what you want or do not want. What you’ll notice is that your focus is often on the lack of what you want – and this continues to only attract more lack to your life.

To combat this, Abraham suggests a simple process called pivoting.

Anytime you catch yourself saying, “I don’t want this,” consciously notice that you are focusing on lack. Take a deep breath of acknowledgement and say to yourself, okay this is what I do not want. What is it that I do want?

Not only will this technique allow you to clarify what it is exactly that you desire, but it will also shift your vibrational frequency from lack to abundance.

It is a method which helps you turn around your thought vibration from negative to positive, making it easier for you to attract your desire instead of more lack.

Always keep in mind that the law of attraction works inclusively and it only communicates with you through vibration. It has no means of understanding what you want or do not want, other than through your vibration.

Your vibration is always either coming from a point of abundance or lack.

Like attracts like. Soon you will find your thoughts manifesting in your life physically is some way, shape, or form.

So begin to attract more abundance to your life rather than lack by using this simple technique called pivoting. It will save you a lifetime of struggle and confusion.

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Yes I love this technique, and it's not only found in this one book of theirs.

To give more power to this process, once you have answered the questions «What do I want?», you can then ask yourself «Why do I want it?».

By asking this second question you are activating an even higher vibration by making the list of all the right reasons why you want whatever you chose.

And last but not least, ask yourself «How do I want to feel when I get this?». So you know what you want, you also know why, then you can find the feeling it will bring you, so you can dive in this feeling right here and now. By doing so you get in alignement with your desire.

And if you are able to maintain it for 68 seconds, well you know LOA gets into action!

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