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How can i get my ex back ?

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U cant
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Author Topic: Help me please  (Read 496 times)

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Help me please
« on: December 07, 2017, 09:41:07 PM »
Namaste everyone,

Well im still new to this lOA is not known where i live and its hard to find info or guide about it even therpist is not available here

My problem is i lived hard life in a country where women cant even drive i was raped three years ago from a guy i used to think he is someone special and sure as middle eastern i will be blamed for that so i had to shut my mouth i felt in love with someonewho wasnt mine and then i had provlem in the country so i had to travel and come back my brother dont talk to me since one year and my second bf got married he says he doesnt love his wife and he had to do it because of his family so i decided that i dont want karma to hit me i wont take someone husband we can be friends only till i met a guy whose younger than me and i tried to fight this attraction since im older and i knew his family wont accept me but suddenly we started to go out and being in love i was really happy for three months i really got attached to this guy till he went for a visit for his family he started to change he became cold and even seeing me ugly and old sometimes and when i felt that i told him to take his things which made it worse so he told me that i am older and it wont work bla bla bla which i think his mom told him so i never wanted to hurt his mom but she doesnt know me to judge me if i was her daughter will she make me sufferr like this i went to someone who told me his mom did a black magic to seperate u and im not sure if i believe this any how its been almost three weeks now since we broke up but i want him back i never been happy like the way i was i wanna know how can i manifist that he is texting me back tellinh me that he miss me with details and please dont ask me to let it go because i tried everything to let it go i cant do anything to be busy im jobless no hobbies i can do in this country i started to do friendship bracelete dance watch movies but nothing made stop thinking about him please guys i need ur advices i want him back

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Re: Help me please
« Reply #1 on: December 08, 2017, 11:29:55 AM »
First of all, I want to give a hug to u.
 Well, For vote, U should have put options ' is it a good idea to get him back or not' because u can manifest anything but not from the place where you're NOW. I don't mean to your physical place, I mean to your state of mind which is causing all these negative circumstances in ur life. Instead of focusing on that person ( ofcourse u can do it) you should change ur life, ur circumstances, the country you're in, the people around u...You deserve better life, joy, people & RESPECT. Don't u want to get out of that place where u can't live freely? Don't u want to manifest a place where u can live with someone who loves u despite age or whatever u went through? Why to waste ur precious life on someone who can't give u love, smile despite knowing what you've been through? I know it seems harsh but if you see deeply, it's because we care about u. I don't say it's impossible... Because u can have anything but I'd suggest first make ur life a better place to invite someone in ur life & learn to be happy without 'that person'.
Every second person who's in "Black Magic" stuffs will tell u that the "POI" is being influenced with the black magic which caused ur break up...Do not believe them at all. There are so many posts on this topic, I'd suggest to go, read & understand. Here i shared links...it will help u.

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Re: Help me please
« Reply #2 on: December 09, 2017, 09:41:45 AM »
well you are right but you are not in my shoe its too hard to leave this place without losing my parents love strict middle eastern mentality again im not allowed to leave my father house till i get married !

second i know what you mean but i cant lie i love him so much more than i loved anyone else and i cant deny he was so good always with me so caring and i cant believe what he have become after he visited his parents im sure his mom did something or even told him something like if you got back to her forget about us

im sure he loves me but he scared of losing his mom all what i want is to have him back in my life i wont care about anything els like where i live i was happy and enjoying with him which i wasnt for a long time before him its not because of him maybe because of the feeling of love which i didnt feel before him

thanks for the link as well


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