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Author Topic: Manifested some burgers, free clothes, and a masters scholarship offer in a week  (Read 301 times)

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I'm on a roll this week and I feel like sharing this with you all because of how fast I manifested these things just by thinking about it and letting go.

First, the burgers. I was introducing my brothers to LOA and at one point I wanted to prove it to them by trying to manifest something simple. I told them "I will ask for a bunch of burgers today and I promise you guys, we will get it within a week." Of course I didn't believe it would happen 100%, but I did try to imagine a pile of burgers while I said that and never thought about it again. The next day, my mom came back home with a bunch of burgers she bought in a plastic bag. I couldn't believe it was actually happening so soon and when I asked my brothers if they asked her to buy them, they gave me a confused look and said no. They were really dumbfounded when I reminded them of the conversation we had the day before.

The free clothes I manifested really came from a feeling of lack, I was studying in university in another state and I basically transferred all my decent clothes to my house there and when I came back home, my clothes here were limited. Out of boredom, I did some window shopping online one day and imagined myself in all the nice clothes I liked while considering buying them. Fast forward a few days, a close friend of mine asked to meet up out of nowhere and gave me some free clothes lol. She has a good taste in fashion and I'm very grateful that it came from her. When I asked her what made her suddenly want to give me clothes and she said "I don't know, I just feel like you need them." And I really did! ;D

Last but not least, a masters scholarship. I know this is a big one but this took the least amount of effort to manifest, but it came from a feeling of lack too. So a lecturer from my university had been waiting for my response for a masters project he was offering me but I had been procrastinating with the response. I finally texted him, but he didn't reply for a few days and I basically panicked because he did mention that he will give it to someone else if I refused. I thought I had already blew my chance but I tried calming myself down by telling myself that the universe will bring me another opportunity if I happen to screw this up. I didn't have a hard time believing this because I've already had 2 masters offers at that point. A few hours later, I received an email from a lecturer in another university who found me through a technical poster competition that I participated in a few months ago. He offered me a masters scholarship which offered a lot, lot more money than the previous ones! This was both good and bad news because now I'm in a dilemma about which one to choose, and it turns out my lecturer was only busy and was still willing to accept me and is already making arrangements for me.

So yeah, sorry if this was a long post. But I hope this gives you some hope in attracting what you want, no matter how big it is. I do have other big manifestations that I can share, but these were the most recent.

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if both are equally great choose the more money one!  :D

also, i love me some free stuff!  8)



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Thanks. Yeah the choice seems obvious, it has everything I have ever hoped for in a masters program. Only problem is the distance and the project doesn't seem align very well with my current trajectory. Plus it came right after I've accepted my lecturer's offer so there is no turning back now.

Funny how LOA works sometimes, the timing isn't all that great. Winning the technical poster competition I mentioned before was also a result of my manifestations. But due to bad timing, I wasn't able to attend my own prize giving ceremony lol.

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lol true!

all this loa thing gets to me sometimes... ::)


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