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Author Topic: Ancient Chinese Wealth Secrets  (Read 2885 times)

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Ancient Chinese Wealth Secrets
« on: November 28, 2010, 12:36:53 AM »
Tao is the name given by the Ancient Chinese to point towards the Essence of Life. The "flow" of life that causes all things to be born, to grow towards their full potential and to transform into something new. Tao also represents the spaciousness from which all things arise, the invisible essence of life that permeates and gives Life to all living things.

So what does the Tao have to do with Money?

Well, if we are able to access the essence of Tao then we'll be at "cause" in our life. We will recognise our true nature as the source of existence, and there's nothing more abundant than this entire creation right? Imagine for a moment if you were to realise that you were the source of this entire manifest universe!

This becomes quite useful when using the principles of the Law of Attraction.

We will be consciously involved in the creative process of life. We're empty and yet full of potential, focused and determined like a tiger stalking it's prey, and yet supple and flexible in the waiting.

We will be like the watercourse way, able to flow with the changes, kinks and bends in the flow of life, we'll find a way around any obstacle. We will follow the lay of the land and sometimes find an alternate course should the path ahead be blocked.

We will have absolute trust in our course because we will know without any shadow of doubt that we will find our way back to our abundant source, the ocean.

Just as water finds it's way, so do we find our way by going with the flow, knowing our destination and finding an alternative way if the path ahead seems blocked.

Knowing this, we should be reminded that whatever our destination, if it is our natural desire to manifest financial abundance then we will continue on our course regardless of what obstacles may arise, and continue to find new ways of reaching our origin. Just like the water, we should never give up, we should keep flowing towards our destination, no matter how long it takes, no matter how dammed up the river is, no matter what the circumstances, we WILL find a way!

In Inner Peace and Outer Abundance


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