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Author Topic: Cub Chat 1 : Nightly Method and Apology from your Ex Issues  (Read 1170 times)

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Cub Chat 1 : Nightly Method and Apology from your Ex Issues
« on: December 31, 2014, 03:19:08 AM »
samantha entered the room.
[7:47 PM] moonbeam entered the room.
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[7:47 PM] guest-454651 changed nickname to samantha
[7:51 PM] guest-454639 changed nickname to moonbeam
[7:51 PM] moonbeam: Hola !!
[7:51 PM] moonbeam: How are you ?
[7:51 PM] moonbeam: Samantha ?
[7:52 PM] samantha: I'm good how are you moonbeam?
[7:54 PM] moonbeam: i'm fine
[7:57 PM] moonbeam: Ok sam I'm going to fix your issue in 3 seconds.
[7:57 PM] moonbeam: Are you ready ?
[7:58 PM] samantha: Okay
[7:58 PM] moonbeam: are you at home ?
[7:58 PM] moonbeam: Sitting at a table ?
[7:58 PM] samantha: I'm at my desk at home, yes
[7:58 PM] moonbeam: in your room ?
[7:59 PM] samantha: Yes
[7:59 PM] moonbeam: Ok. Imagine the door opens and George Clooney comes in with a big smile and a bowl of Haagen Daaz Belgian Chocolate ice cream. He puts it in front of you, says "enjoy" chuckles and walks back out.
[8:00 PM] moonbeam: You take the spoon, lift a bit of the ice cream and put it into your mouth (after you recover from the shock of George Clooney's sudden appearance)
[8:00 PM] moonbeam: Now tell me how do you feel ?
[8:01 PM] samantha: Very happy
[8:01 PM] moonbeam: mmm.
[8:01 PM] moonbeam: Now the door opens again.
[8:01 PM] moonbeam: and George Clooney comes back in again and he says " Sorry I forgot something! "
[8:02 PM] moonbeam: He takes the spoon from your hands, scoops up some ice cream, and feeds it to you gently.
[8:02 PM] moonbeam: Now.....how do you feel ?
[8:03 PM] samantha: Hmmm. Surprised and weird lol
[8:04 PM] moonbeam: OK imagine him pulling out a little slip of paper from his pocket, reading it, and saying to your " Oops I got it wrong again. That wasn't it. "
[8:05 PM] moonbeam: " You're supposed to feed me one spoonful of ice cream !  Please go ahead I love Belgian Chocolate ! "
[8:05 PM] moonbeam: Go ahead and feed him.
[8:06 PM] samantha: Okay I did. Now I feel playful and I'm smiling
[8:06 PM] moonbeam: Now....was that hard ?
[8:06 PM] samantha: No it wasn't
[8:07 PM] samantha: I think I realized what my problem is
[8:07 PM] moonbeam: was it hard to hold onto the feelings ?
[8:07 PM] moonbeam: ok
[8:08 PM] moonbeam: What's the issue ?
[8:08 PM] samantha: I must not have really forgiven my boyfriend for how he has hurt me in the past and so it's hard to feel happy to see him
[8:09 PM] samantha: I thought i did but maybe I didn't
[8:09 PM] moonbeam: why do you need to forgive him >?
[8:09 PM] moonbeam: Forgive him when he asks you for forgiveness
[8:09 PM] moonbeam: in person
[8:10 PM] moonbeam: if what he did was truly dumb, which it must be because you've had the benefit of some time and you have analysed what happened calmly
[8:10 PM] samantha: I want to forgive him for myself, because resentment doesn't feel good
[8:10 PM] moonbeam: no you have made a mistake.
[8:10 PM] moonbeam: i want you to think of what that mistake might be. Think hard Sam.
[8:12 PM] samantha: I don't know what it could be
[8:12 PM] moonbeam: ok
[8:12 PM] moonbeam: you don' thave to change your value systems.
[8:12 PM] moonbeam: That's part of the pornstar bullshit that you've ingested.
[8:12 PM] moonbeam: I just did a lion rescue online.
[8:13 PM] moonbeam: yesterday, from someone who had caught VD from a pornstar.
[8:13 PM] samantha: Please explain what mistake I made
[8:13 PM] moonbeam: ok
[8:14 PM] moonbeam: ok
[8:14 PM] moonbeam: when you attempt to forgive someone in advance for something the should be admitting to you about and saying sorry to you for
[8:14 PM] moonbeam: you set up an internal conflict
[8:14 PM] moonbeam: This screws with your system's internal energies
[8:15 PM] moonbeam: and your value systems
[8:15 PM] moonbeam: Value systems are deep subconscious beliefs themselves.
[8:15 PM] moonbeam: You can have them reprogrammed as well but why go to the trouble when it is not necessary ?
[8:15 PM] moonbeam: ok we're going to do an exercise to demonstrate what i mean.
[8:15 PM] moonbeam: is that ok ?
[8:16 PM] samantha: Hold on a sec
[8:16 PM] moonbeam: ok
[8:16 PM] samantha: I thought that we are responsible for how people treat us
[8:16 PM] samantha: So if he did something wrong, it is my fault
[8:16 PM] samantha: No?
[8:16 PM] moonbeam: Don't go there.
[8:17 PM] moonbeam: That's unnatural for you right now.
[8:17 PM] samantha: Okay so I should just avoid that thought for now?
[8:17 PM] moonbeam: Ultimately, I have created the war that currently rages in Iraq. And so have you. Can you accept this literally ?
[8:18 PM] samantha: No, not literally. I can't wrap my head around it
[8:18 PM] moonbeam: yup
[8:18 PM] moonbeam: so don't
[8:19 PM] moonbeam: Be yourself
[8:19 PM] moonbeam: who you happen to be right now.
[8:19 PM] samantha: Alright I am getting ahead of myself
[8:19 PM] moonbeam: You may be jesus christ in 15 years. That can wait till 15 years later. Do you get me here ?
[8:19 PM] samantha: Yes I see
[8:19 PM] samantha: I would be nice to hear him say he's sorry
[8:19 PM] samantha: It*
[8:20 PM] moonbeam: are you ready for the exercise ?
[8:20 PM] samantha: Yes
[8:20 PM] moonbeam: ok
[8:20 PM] moonbeam: deep breath
[8:20 PM] moonbeam: deeper !
[8:20 PM] moonbeam: lolol
[8:21 PM] moonbeam: you can breath now sam !
[8:21 PM] moonbeam: ready ?
[8:21 PM] samantha: I'm breathing
[8:21 PM] samantha: Yeah
[8:21 PM] moonbeam: lol
[8:21 PM] moonbeam: ok now
[8:21 PM] moonbeam: close your eyes, imagine your boyfriend in front of you standing silently and then say out loud "i forgive you".
[8:22 PM] samantha: My eyes well up with tears
[8:23 PM] moonbeam: hmm
[8:23 PM] moonbeam: ok calm down.
[8:23 PM] moonbeam: deep breath, and when you're back to normal , let me know
[8:24 PM] samantha: I'm okay, it was just for that moment
[8:24 PM] moonbeam: ok
[8:25 PM] moonbeam: thats ok that you felt like crying
[8:25 PM] moonbeam: or teared up. Perfectly ok.
[8:25 PM] samantha: It's because I want to forgive him
[8:25 PM] samantha: I want the bad to be over
[8:25 PM] moonbeam: ok now
[8:25 PM] moonbeam: part 2
[8:25 PM] moonbeam: ready?
[8:25 PM] samantha: Ready
[8:26 PM] moonbeam: ok close your eyes, imagine him infront of you, saying " I did all of that with my eyes open, and even when they were closed its my fault because I'm supposed to keep my eyes open in situations like that. I was really dumb dear. I hurt you. Can you forgive me? Please ?
[8:26 PM] moonbeam: Paraphrase in your mind
[8:27 PM] moonbeam: go ahead
[8:28 PM] samantha: It feels really good to hear
[8:28 PM] moonbeam: what did you say to him ?
[8:29 PM] moonbeam: " You stupid idiot you really hurt me do I look like a clown? As punishment you're going to scoop me up and kiss me while carrying me ".
[8:31 PM] samantha: I say to him, when are you going to realize you can't replace me. When are you going to realize that I'm not the source of your problems, you are. And no one will fix that for you but yourself. I was always there for you without judgement and you pushed me away. Why did you do that?
[8:33 PM] moonbeam: " I was a damn fool because I could not handle how much I loved you. I was dumb because George Clooney was giving me bad relationship advice. "
[8:33 PM] moonbeam: " I should have just listened to my heart. "
[8:33 PM] moonbeam: " It brought you to me and was doing its best to keep you with me all along. "
[8:33 PM] samantha: You let your mind and logic overrule your heart and it wasn't fair to me.
[8:34 PM] moonbeam: "look i don't know how to say all of this, All i want you to know is that i know i screwed up somehow, i know I love you, I'm very sorry I hurt you, please please please be make my dream come true by saying yes to me"
[8:36 PM] samantha: You are right. I want to hear him apologize
[8:36 PM] moonbeam: good
[8:36 PM] moonbeam: so put that into your visualisation
[8:36 PM] moonbeam: the feelings will come easily
[8:36 PM] moonbeam: Anyway my cubs are advised to accept that they want this.
[8:37 PM] samantha: But I thought that I had to visualize the end result, us together
[8:37 PM] moonbeam: And that they will not compromise on a relationship by accepting him/her back without a proper sincere apology
[8:38 PM] moonbeam: i want you to understand that this end result can only be possible if he apologises to you.
[8:38 PM] moonbeam: and does whatever else he ought to.
[8:38 PM] samantha: Okay that makes sense
[8:38 PM] samantha: Now that I hear you say that, I have "visualized" this many times before. Even before I knew LOA
[8:38 PM] samantha: During the day I'd imagine it
[8:39 PM] moonbeam: so accept your feelings !!!
[8:39 PM] moonbeam: ACCEPT YOUR VALUE SYSTEMS !!!
[8:39 PM] moonbeam: FUCK ALL THE PORNSTAR CRAP !!!
[8:40 PM] moonbeam: you don't need any of that to be successful with loa.
[8:40 PM] moonbeam: remember, the Israelites were real bastards in the old testament. Entire clans and communities were slaughtered right down to the last man woman and child
[8:40 PM] moonbeam: God helped them on many ocassions
[8:40 PM] moonbeam: god is basically loa.
[8:41 PM] moonbeam: there was no love no light nothing there.
[8:41 PM] samantha: Okay
[8:41 PM] moonbeam: The dummies on the forum just can't seem to understand this.
[8:41 PM] moonbeam: the same basic force that ran the show then is running the show right now in your life.
[8:41 PM] moonbeam: So use it.
[8:42 PM] moonbeam: Accept your feelings. He fucked it up bigtime, maybe over and over again, and is further fucking it up further each day that goes by without a full and complete apology.
[8:42 PM] moonbeam: This has nothing to do with resuming the relationship with you. This is about integrity pure and simple.
[8:42 PM] moonbeam: You have integrity
[8:42 PM] moonbeam: you expect him to have it too.
[8:42 PM] moonbeam: That's fair on my planet
[8:42 PM] moonbeam: and on yours
[8:42 PM] moonbeam: lions are fair
[8:42 PM] moonbeam: who are you ?
[8:44 PM] samantha: I am a confident girl and I know I how I deserve to be treated
[8:44 PM] moonbeam: YES!
[8:45 PM] samantha: I was good to him and took me for granted and now he'll apologize for it and have to win me back, and prove to me that he's worth my time, and it's gonna feel amazing
[8:45 PM] moonbeam: there you go.
[8:45 PM] moonbeam: now
[8:45 PM] moonbeam: visualise for me now
[8:46 PM] moonbeam: the scene where he comes to you, apologises to you, and says and does something that truly shows you that he is truly in love with you and deserves you.
[8:46 PM] moonbeam: and you say..,,ok !
[8:46 PM] moonbeam: close your eyes and do this now.
[8:46 PM] moonbeam: take your time.
[8:51 PM] samantha: That is much easier to picture than other scenes I've tried
[8:52 PM] moonbeam: good
[8:52 PM] moonbeam: how did you feel ?
[8:52 PM] moonbeam: firstly, did you actually feel anhything?
[8:52 PM] samantha: I did
[8:52 PM] samantha: I felt validated and filled with joy
[8:54 PM] moonbeam: how long did that last ?
[8:54 PM] samantha: It lasted a little while after i opened my eyes
[8:54 PM] samantha: Those intense feelings are gone but I feel better in general
[8:55 PM] moonbeam: was it difficult to feel those feelings ?
[8:55 PM] moonbeam: was it difficult to hold onto those feelings  ?
[8:55 PM] samantha: No they came automatically
[8:55 PM] samantha: No it stayed naturally
[8:56 PM] samantha: I have a question
[8:57 PM] moonbeam: sure
[8:57 PM] samantha: Why is it better to visualize in 1st person rather than 3rd?
[8:57 PM] moonbeam: The feelings are usually more intense.
[8:58 PM] moonbeam: And that is the harder visualisation method anyway, so my cubs always do the tougher things first.
[8:58 PM] moonbeam: Sam ?
[8:58 PM] samantha: Yes?
[8:58 PM] moonbeam: who are you ?
[8:58 PM] samantha: What do you mean?
[8:58 PM] moonbeam: ok ask me the question
[8:58 PM] samantha: Who are you?
[8:58 PM] moonbeam: (btw bad cub)
[8:58 PM] moonbeam: ask me again
[8:59 PM] samantha: Moonbeam, who are you?
[8:59 PM] moonbeam: (bad cub for not knowing the answer bad cub_
[8:59 PM] samantha: SORRY lol
[8:59 PM] moonbeam: WE ARE LIONS !!!!
[8:59 PM] moonbeam: LIONS !!!
[8:59 PM] samantha: I'm a LION
[8:59 PM] moonbeam: LIONS !!!
[8:59 PM] samantha: :)
[8:59 PM] moonbeam: plural always
[8:59 PM] moonbeam: Lions are never alone.
[8:59 PM] samantha: We are lions!!
[8:59 PM] moonbeam: A lion's roar carries for 5 miles
[9:00 PM] moonbeam: Sam, who are you ?
[9:00 PM] samantha: WE ARE LIONS!!
[9:00 PM] moonbeam: WE ARE LIONS !!
[9:00 PM] samantha: Thank you
[9:00 PM] samantha: I feel good
[9:00 PM] moonbeam: I need to take a ten minute call I need to speak with you.
[9:01 PM] moonbeam: wait
[9:01 PM] samantha: Okay
[9:01 PM] moonbeam: I want you to do two things for me. First, copy this ENTIRE chat and save it somewhere on your computer.
[9:01 PM] moonbeam: separately
[9:01 PM] moonbeam: then email it to me as well.
[9:01 PM] moonbeam: ok ?
[9:01 PM] samantha: I will
[9:01 PM] moonbeam: secondly, does anyone on the forums know you as sam or samantha ?
[9:02 PM] samantha: No they don't
[9:02 PM] moonbeam: ok, then i'd like you to give me permission for two things. First, i want to send ourchat to the cubs. I think it will be very useful for them to read it.
[9:03 PM] moonbeam: Secondly, I want to post it in a separate thread on the forums.
[9:03 PM] moonbeam: you don't have to agree to either or both of this. Thats ok.
[9:03 PM] samantha: You can do both of those things. This chat was very helpful for me and it will be for others as well
[9:03 PM] moonbeam: Final job for you. :)
[9:06 PM] moonbeam: thank you sam
[9:06 PM] moonbeam: fantastic
[9:06 PM] samantha: You're welcome
[9:06 PM] moonbeam: sam ?
[9:06 PM] samantha: Yes?
[9:06 PM] moonbeam: who are you ?
[9:06 PM] samantha: WE ARE LIONS!!!!!!!!!!
[9:06 PM] moonbeam: WE ARE LIONS !!!!
[9:07 PM] moonbeam: LIONS !!!!!
[9:07 PM] samantha: LIONS!
[9:07 PM] moonbeam: WE ARE LIONS !
[9:07 PM] moonbeam: !!!
[9:07 PM] moonbeam: LOLOLOLOLOL !
[9:07 PM] samantha: :D
[9:07 PM] moonbeam: This stupid forum had better come up with a lion smiley icon if not I'm going to burn it down !
[9:07 PM] moonbeam: lololol
[9:07 PM] moonbeam: Ok .
[9:08 PM] samantha: Don't burn it down because then so many people won't be rescued!
[9:08 PM] samantha: Lol
[9:08 PM] moonbeam: i'll think about it.
[9:08 PM] moonbeam: lolol
[9:09 PM] samantha: Good enough.
[9:09 PM] samantha: The entire chat, including this last part?\

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