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Author Topic: Give your feedback please on whether Im following it right! THANK YOU  (Read 859 times)

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Hello all! Im new to this forum :P! Wow, what a great site is this ;D Thank you ,thank you all for being a part of this wonderful website  :-*

Ive read many stories here about how to get ex back etc..

Here is my story..

I fell in love with this great guy back in school days :P . we grew up together, studied in the same school for 10 years, were neighbors for 6 years. Im a tamilian and he is a konkani guy. During our school days and days as neighbors his family used to love me so much ( they never knew we both would fall in love with each other). And in 1st pu(11th std) we confessed in our respective home. My family is like friends to me..so they supported us :) . Even his parents supported  us . We thought we had " THE PERFECT LIFE". We both were so happy in love and in life .

But right after 2nd puc(12 std ) exams ended, his parents started opposing to us. They told us that they supported us back then fearing we wont do our exams well if they had opposed us :(

So yes, i talked to them, even he did. we did all we could to convince them . They clearly mentioned the reason as CASTE :'(

So from that day onwards they have been doing everything to brain wash him..emotionally blackmail him to make him surrender to them. As expected unable to bear the pressure and torture he surrendered to them and asked me to stop this love as he clearly thinks he knows his parents will never accept .

As expected, we both went into depression. Though he still loves me and feels sad too for all these he doesnt express them to me fearing he is giving false hopes :( Yes i understand his position now. So he wanted us to be friends , cuz he himself admitted he doesn't have the heart to ignore me completely.

But after breakup, i became a MESS. I became more needy, desperate, even SUICIDAL at one point  :(

But thanks to my wonderful family, they saw me struggle and suggested me the book THE SECRET .I started to read it and realized I ATTRACTED EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE.

Everyday we text each others but as friends( though we both love each other)

Assuming Im still a beginner in this LOA process and all of you  out there have better understanding and experience with this, I will tell you what Im doing to manifest what I want - convince his parents and marry him. I just want feedback from you all :) on how good or bad is my method, on my understanding with this LOA
Here is what Ive done and still doing :

1. I love myself. Ive understood that FIRST YOU SHOULD HAVE ALL THE QUALITIES that you EXPECT TO BE IN THE PERSON YOU LOVE. SO i say this and also FEEL to myself :
I am strong. I am independent. Im filled with all love and good. Im worthy of his and his parents love. Im responsible for my own happiness . ETC

2. Let go of all negative thoughts or feelings such as- Oh what if this never works out? I guess his parents wont  agree. He isnt responding well. I dont deserve him. Or feelings such as needy, desperate, micro managing him, thinking his is my ONLY source of happiness etc

I Believe 100% his parents will change their mind . I believe and know that he is the one for me. I know for sure we will marry each other

I visualize EVERY SECOND as if his parents have accepted , and the we both have married to each other and all the happy moments i will have with him .

Every night before sleeping i write in my gratitude journal all the reasons im grateful to him, for all the moments he loved me in the past,cared for me, supported me etc .. and thanking in ADVANCE for all he is going to do in the future( because i know it will happen)

Apply the same LOA and work on studying hard, becoming a topper, earning a very good salary package, build my own dream house, help the needy, enjoy and be grateful to my family, good friends Ive, etc

Please all u wonderful souls out there, do comment on this  :) :) Give your honest feedback ;) ;) Say where Im going wrong, or where to improve :) :) :)


 I know by April 2019 I will surely(100%) post my success story of my marriage with him with both our families acceptance and blessings :) :)

What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: Our life is the creation of our mind.

To acquire love, fill yourself up with it until you become a magnet.


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