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Author Topic: Ideal time to carry out Remote Influencing/Remote Seduction (RI/RS)  (Read 6188 times)

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RI/RS involves two entities i) the Subject (Target) and ii) the Operator (You) for carrying out RI/RS.

i)   The Subject:

Question often raised is what should be the ideal time for most effective RI/RS? Should the subject be sleeping or awake?

I will answer first and then explain the rationale behind my answer.



While a person is wake s/he is in BETA state. In BETA state, person’s critical mind is active. It means whatever suggestion is given to a person while s/he is in BETA state s/he will critically analyze it – evaluate it and then may accept or reject it.

Acceptance and/or rejection will largely depend on person’s values, beliefs, memories and past experiences.

You may have experienced that when you try to suggest something to a person, and even your suggestions are positive and beneficial for the person s/he may turn around and say “hey, that is useless and will never work”. This is the analytical BETA brain or often also called “critical faculty”.


So, if you really want your message to find its way directly into a person’s sub-conscious mind  and to make the person believe that the ideas are his/her own ideas – you need to “BY PASS THE CRITICAL FACULTY”.


Let’s say you trying to RI/RS a person who is wide awake in BETA state. As soon as ideas sent by you “HIT” him/her, s/he will consciously try to suppress them.


It works!! BUT, you really need to struggle. It takes longer for your to place your ideas in person’s sub-conscious mind  while the person is awake in BETA – but it does work.

IDEALLY, person should be in “day-dreaming” or “sleeping” when you approach him/her.

When sleeping the CRITICAL FACULTY is “off” and your suggestions will smoothly find way in person’s sub-conscious mind.

ii)   The Operator (You):

Some boring facts first  :(

Earth vibrates at frequency of 7.8Hz. It is also believed that DNA strands also communicate with each other on same frequency.

The entire concept of LoA (RI & RS) stresses that we reduce the vibrations of our brain to the frequency where we can connect to the Universe.

And that frequency is 7.8Hz. THETA state of mind.

The problem is that THETA is “sleep” frequency and most of us find it difficult to remain conscious in THETA state.

We slip from ALPHA to THETA – i) just before we fall asleep (this is called Hypnogogic state) and ii) just after we wake up (Hypnopompic state).


If you can effortlessly take yourself in THETA and remain conscious – then that is the BEST.

If you struggle in obtaining and maintaining consciousness in THETA then;


When you lay down on bed for sleeping, bring the RI/RS thoughts, feelings and visualization and continue doing that till you fall asleep. Just before falling asleep you will pass through THETA and if you have been successful in keeping the visualization and feeling at the time of slipping into THETA (Hypnogogic) – you will have more favourable results.

If you wake up at the middle of the night – you are just at the border of THETA and ALPHA. Utilize this!! Do not move or leave the bed. Close your eyes and carry out RI/RS. Since this could be at late hours in night or early hours in morning, chances are that your subject (target) could also be fast asleep (assuming both are in same time zone), therefore CRITICAL FACULTY is OFF and your suggestions will directly go to his/her sub-conscious.

Good Luck!


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Re: Ideal time to carry out Remote Influencing/Remote Seduction (RI/RS)
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2014, 01:17:36 AM »
Thank you! :D

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Re: Ideal time to carry out Remote Influencing/Remote Seduction (RI/RS)
« Reply #2 on: October 31, 2014, 05:28:46 PM »
I keep trying to keep myself focused while doing RS in Theta state but as you said, it's difficult since my attention seems to be drinfting in every random place my mind finds, just like a river flowing.

But definitely the sensations I personally have in theta mode while RS-ing, are more vivid, just like memories that have happened already but expressed in a more dreamy-like way  :D


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