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Author Topic: 5 Simple Ways to Create Inner Peace Within Yourself in Daily Life  (Read 1194 times)

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I believe if you learn how to to be in the presence, be in the now, you will gain inner peace within yourself. In LOA principles, NLP, visualisation etc. All these techniques are interrelated to helps you gather yourself and able to re-focus your mind making LOA works better for you in personal life.

So, here are 5 wonderful, easy to practise tips to Create Inner Peace Within Yourself in Daily Life with Jennifer E. Jones :

1) Take A Moment For Yourself When You Wake Up
As soon as you wake up, it begins things like "You have meals to make", "kids to dress", and a to-do list that never ends. Even your phone is delivering calls, text messages, emails and “Angry Birds” that keep pulling on you for attention. Does this merry-go-round world ever stop?

Here’s the good news: your life may not slow down, but you can. Moments to refresh and recharge are all around you. From the busy soccer mom to the over-worked executive, everyone can take advantage of these easy-to-do tips and tricks to bring more peace into your day.

2) Mute the Commercials
Unless you have a DVR, you’re ingesting a lot of ads with needless noise that you’d rather not see during your favorite television shows. When the commercials start, mute the sound. It gives you 30 seconds to a minute of peace and quiet.

3) Breathe
What we are talking here is about deep breathing – the kind that lifts your chest, fills your lungs and then exhales the body into relaxation. Breathe before a big meeting. Breathe while you’re in traffic. Take a moment as often as possible to close your eyes and take deep breaths.

ADDITIONAL TIPS: A good way to nourishing your body with oxygen, is to takE deep breath is follow 1:2:4 ratio breathing cycle.
EG: if you deep breathe for 2 seconds, hold it for 4 seconds, and exhale for for 8 seconds slowly. This able to helps you to nourish your energy and body effectively.

4) Use Mouthwash, and be in the NOW

Okay, stay with me on this one. Most mouthwashes recommend that you swish the liquid around for 30 seconds.

You have to be careful not to swallow it, while still making sure it hits all the corners of your mouth.

It takes some focus; it’s difficult to do anything else and use mouthwash at the same time. If you've ever wanted to practice mindfulness, using mouthwash is a great start. Stand still, close your eyes and really feel the mouthwash between your cheeks. When you’re done, you’ll not only have a fresh mouth, but a calmer mind.  :)

5) Take a power NAP
Feeling stressed out? You might just need a nap. Millions of people don’t get enough sleep, and if that’s you, it affects every area of your life from your weight to your emotions. Even if it’s just for 15 minutes, find a spot and take a nap. The snooze will do your body good. Scientific research has also shown that individuals who take nap are able to perform with higher productivity than those who are not.

6) OK, Maybe Just one more tip! GO TO THE RESTROOM

Who among us has not escaped to the bathroom for a moment of solitude? Whether you’re at home, the office or in a crowded restaurant, it can buy you at least a minute or two of privacy to collect yourself. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed and you need a moment, excuse yourself. Put the “rest” back in restroom.  ;)

What else did you do to gather yourself and have inner peace? Comment below! You are great and I love you! :)
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