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Author Topic: Understanding The Law of Attraction & Manifestation-Quantum Physics  (Read 14521 times)

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So then, why bad things happen to babies (accidents, child molestation, cruelty, poverty...)?? This is my hypotesis:

Im a believer in reencarnation. When we "die", we left our physical bodies but we continue being the same been (i may be wrong on the use of the words "being vs been", sorry) that we were with our physical bodies. Then we go to a place (we ALL go to the same good place--theres no hell whatsoever) and there we evaluate our past life, so we can learn from it. A series of thing (good things) happens there and when we are prepared to encarnate again we come to earth again. So, when we are in a physical body as a baby again, the human brain is still developing, but remember Loa is about feelings and our real selves (our soul), is "old", so depending on the level of preparation of yours, you may be FEELING old charges that you traspass to this new physical body.

Theres another situation that can occur. When we are ready to come again as a physical being, we may decide we have something specific we want to take care of, something we didnt learn or mastered on thr past encarnation and want to experience in this new physical life so our soul can progress. For example, in the last life you may have abussed of your body with drugs or prostitution, for example, or obesity, or didnt take care of it properly. When that life is over, your soul evaluate a panoramic view of your past life, and having no physical charges, it can see what it did wrong or good. So, if the soul wants to progress on his or her own evolution, it may decide to come back as a sick physical beign so now he is "even" with himself. He/she will now have to take proper care of his body as a manner of compensing what he did not on the past life. Thats why sometimes babies are born with sickness or deformities, as a lesson to the soul itself, chosen by itself. As he or she grows up, everything concerning loa works the same, so he/she will receive what his mind and hearth commands.

Another aspect of why babies suffer bad things, are than when we die and go to this positive "place", we reunite with our group of souls. We encarnate together for the whole lifetime, sometimes as a parent, sometimes as a friend, as a lover, as a daughter and so on. We work together on our evolution as energy beigns. Remember theres no time concept on the spiritual concept, only in human terms. So, when a group of souls decide to come together to earth to learn new things and keep on progressing our evolution, we may talk about the rol i will have on your next physical life. For example, in this life we will change places and i'll be your son. We even can decide to come as a *sick* son if it helps the parent soul in his/her evolution. For example, in the last encarnation the parent abussed his kids and when in the spiritual place, he saw what he did, he knows it was not helpful (his attitude) to his own progress, so kid and parent souls agree on having this kind of life so the parent soul can do good now on his sick child.

So, based on my studies, when the soul is born as a baby, decisions of conditions are made and chosen begore this next physical life, the soul conserving the maturity it has develop over a lifetime of endless encarnations. Loa, been a physical law, works the same as the baby is born into the physical world.

Hope my way of thinking help you all to consider other aspects of "life" (both spiritual and physical life). Discuss. :)

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Any thoughts?

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Interesting thread.

I agree about the babies and why some have problems, disbilities etc. I definitely believe that we come back as groups of souls to go through and experience certain situations. That is why we are here.

I need to find out more about Dr Quantum. Very interesting video. What is the Down Rabbit hole about?

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Re: Understanding The Law of Attraction & Manifestation-Quantum Physics
« Reply #18 on: August 16, 2012, 04:17:11 AM »
cant we also make a 'quantum leap' in imagination by saying that the event itself is a neutral prop  and we who are observing it give it meaning. Is this the physics of this particular information. when I first heard this fact it was obvious and so powerful to me. Yet so simple I had never viewed life like this. It also helps to eliminate the blame culture. We make up the meaning. If we change the meaning we change the experience.  ;D

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Re: Understanding The Law of Attraction & Manifestation-Quantum Physics
« Reply #19 on: August 26, 2012, 06:00:04 AM »
omg i love this and i love talking to people about it! TOTALLY BLOWS ME AWAY. <3

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Re: Understanding The Law of Attraction & Manifestation-Quantum Physics
« Reply #20 on: October 20, 2012, 10:33:40 PM »
I am studying Psychology this semester and this related to a lot of what the Law of Attraction has to say.

For ex, The Neurotransmitters that transmit "energy" though Synaptic Gaps. They dont even touch! Its just the energy pulled through the gap.

This same way, as we think, our Neurotransmitters produce energy. And thus, energy, can do anything.


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Re: Understanding The Law of Attraction & Manifestation-Quantum Physics
« Reply #21 on: November 04, 2019, 01:10:58 AM »
Yes, another great clip.....thanks for posting Mr. Manifestation!


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