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Author Topic: Misaligned energy causing chronic physical misalignment  (Read 1337 times)

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Misaligned energy causing chronic physical misalignment
« on: August 01, 2013, 12:33:10 PM »
I know people have heard that if you are physically misaligned your energy will follow suit.  What nobody tells you is that if you are energetically misaligned you couldn't keep your body aligned if you tried.  I've spent years with misaligned chakras and I suppose I could burn myself out trying to align my body but since the underlying problem is energetic, not the other way around, I thought I should consider asking for some advice.

First of all my root chakra, sacral chakra, solar plexus chakra, and heart chakras are all slipping fairly easily to the left.  I sleep on my left side suddenly I'm in agony and if I feel chakras they've even slide so far to the left that they aren't even on my body anymore, but the don't slide to the right side of my body, I can't sleep on my back at all so I'm concerned about other eventual problems (oxygen deprivation that sort of thing nothing serious) because it's now beyond painful to alternate sides.  Now this is bad enough on it's own, but it's caused me some serious physical pain, and now with my pain thresholds having dropped through the floor (and I've started to wonder if that could be related) and from what I can tell my chakras being misaligned is very closely related to some chronic pain conditions I've been suffering from (possible broken rib that never healed properly on my left side, chronic misalignment of my hips with pain primarily on the left side, the list goes on).  My throat chakra is where it's suppose to be, as are my third eye and crown chakras (I'm referring to my chakras alignment in comparison to my physical body) though they aren't functioning perfectly by any means.

While I haven't tested this theory in terms of checking my chakra, I've noticed that my physical pain worse when I'm around my family, and I've also noticed that it takes a very extended period of time being away from them (extended enough I've only had one time the energy dissipated enough for me to be comfortable in my own skin again) and the physical pain being increased was something I noticed seems to happen more with the increased misalignment.  So understandably it did occur to me that my family might at some point have been related to whatever caused the misalignment in the first place.  I would go as far as suggesting that at some point they did something that pushed my first 4 chakras out, or were otherwise involved in whatever caused the misalignment to start with.

Here's what I'm wondering about, it's now clear I can't remove this problem like I removed blockages before.  It's equally clear that I can't keep letting this go because it is negatively impacting my ability to manifest.  The fact is treating the physical symptoms has done nothing to help (I know some people will say I have to stand or sit or move a certain way I've got less than no patience for that, not only have I heard it and tried it, but at this point for all the good that will do while I'm still living with the energetic underlying cause I'll just live with the pain first so if that's your suggestion, or you want to tell me to just think positive while not doing anything about the energy here then I suggest you go jump in a cold lake because at this point I've heard it so many times, tried it so many times, and had it fail so many times that I can tell you I've scooped it out of some any horse stalls so many times that anyone who writes that kind of suggestion can consider it spam as far as I'm concerned) and I need to know if anyone knows of a way to help with the underlying energetic causes here.  What the heck pushes the chakras out like that (I know for a fact that my energy was consistent with having back and hip issues since I was very young, several years before anything painful manifested) and more important how to I remove the underlying energy that's forcing them out of place.  For that matter what would cause my chakras to slide to my left side but not my right side?  Perhaps the most important question of all how the heck do I get them to stop misaligning (short of relocating before I've straightened this out)?


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